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China’s Pop Superstar Hins Cheung Debuts WSDG Studio

World-Class Destination: Classic SSL & Neve + Symphony-Size Live Room

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: One hour by train from Hong Kong, in the thriving metropolis of Guangzhou stands China’s first true ‘destination’ recording studio. Technologically sophisticated and acoustically superb, Village Studios was conceived by international pop star Hins Cheung. Three years in development and construction, the complex represents the future of China’s recording industry. And, a carefully considered investment in a superstar’s long-term career plan.

Designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group, the project exemplifies the unique synthesis of several of its international offices. The project’s efforts were initially led by WSDG principal John Storyk, and required highly sophisticated analysis and auralization, developed by WSDG’s European and Brazil branches. Village Studios combines world-class acoustics and aesthetics in an exotic, yet fully cosmopolitan setting.

Graced with a striking interior design developed by WSDG partner, Beth Walters, the 12,400 sq. ft. ground up building is distinguished by an expansive 3000 sq. ft. live room, with an 18 ft. high ceiling. Village Studios features two autonomous 800 sq. ft. control rooms, each with spacious 640, and 230 sq. ft. ISO booths. Hins’ manager, Bella Fan reports that his affinity for vintage gear, inspired Studio A to be outfitted with a prized SSL9080K console. Studio B features a classic Neve VR72 and 8068.

WSDG’s initial drawings proved very close to the mark in terms of Hins’ expectations. Complex site lines between the orchestra sized live and dual control rooms, coupled with the double height ceiling and, the higher than average reverb time typically associated with China’s idiosyncratic music style, presented extremely interesting design challenges. To resolve these issues WSDG engaged a number of elegant, variable acoustic solutions including custom curtains and multi-format diffusion panels. WSDG also provided detailed construction documents, project construction administration and final studio commissioning/tuning for the complex. “To bring a project of this size and sophistication to reality on the other side of the world was a formidable challenge,” John Storyk remarked. “It was an honor to work with Hins and his team.”

The complex includes a 520 sq. ft. orchestra lounge with 18′ high ceiling, multiple smaller lounges, kitchen and offices. “This project was an extremely ambitious undertaking,” Beth Walters says. “China is expanding its international presence in virtually every area of art and industry. Village Studios sends a clear message that a new ‘destination recording studio’ has arrived.”

“John Storyk made his initial visit to the site in early 2009,” reports Project Manager Joshua Morris. “We began preliminary design work soon after he returned. Our US -based senior PM, Romina Larregina led the team that developed all designs and documentation. She also coordinated building permits and other pre-construction details with the local architect, engineering and construction teams. I completed the design and construction documents and made my first site visit in Sept. 2009,” Morris said.

While reviewing on site work, discussing technical issues and inspecting acoustic treatments and building materials, Morris was pleased to find a high level of construction and technical expertise among the local Chinese contractors, and technicians. “It is safe to say that this level of acoustic detail was a challenge for the construction team in China – a challenge that was successfully met. Wherever possible, local materials were used, although studio specialty items such as room isolation devices and acoustic doors were either directly imported or licensed for Europe and the USA,” Morris adds.”

As plans called for substantial A/V interconnectivity between the live and twin control rooms as well as numerous recording sites throughout the complex, systems integration and isolation were primary concerns. Hins’ team along with WSDG systems design engineers, Judy Elliot-Brown and Caroline Feldmeier held extensive online dialogues with their China-based colleagues. Further on in the project, Hins requested that Brown visit the site for a full review of the wiring program and to have her lead the installation of the final a/v conduit and raceway system.

Fully loaded with Pro Tools, Lynx Aurora, Studer, Prisim Sound, Apogee Lexicon, TC Electronics, Eventide, Mercury, GML Manley, Fairchild, API, Empirical, Crane Song, and a full complement of classic mics including AEA, Beyer, Neumann, Royer, Telefunken, Song C800G, DPA, Schoeps and Shure. The studio also features two Hammond B3 organs and six Fender Rhodes electric piano models. Mains monitors in the SSL Control Room are custom 15″ Augspurgers. The Neve Control Room features 15″ Dynaudio Acoustics custom Munro M6 mains. The technology package was coordinated by WSDG, in conjunction with US-based Professional Audio Design.

Beth Walters worked closely with Hins and Bella Fan, to determine the most appealing color schemes and furnishing details. “Village Studios is an extraordinary accomplishment from every perspective,” Walters says. “We were committed to providing Hins with aesthetic details to complement their superlative acoustic and technical elements. Initial reports seem to indicate that we have achieved that goal.

“It is interesting to note that neither distance nor language presented insurmountable barriers to our collaboration. We see Village Studios as a triumph of professionalism. Hins has already recorded sessions with a full 60-piece symphonic orchestra. His business plan is to make the studio available to both Chinese artists and an international client base,” John Storyk concludes, “We are proud of this truly international design effort and confident that China’s newest world-class studio will be a true asset to that country’s entertainment industry.”

To view a full 60-piece orchestra live recording session with Hins at Village Studios visit:

Photos: 1. Village Studios Presentation Drawing
2. Village Studios owner Hins with 60 piece orchestra in 3000 sq. ft. Live Room


Walters-Storyk Design Group has designed over 3000 media production facilities in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and Latin America. WSDG credits range from the original Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village to NYC’s Jazz At Lincoln Center performance complex, broadcast facilities for The Food Network, CBS and WNET, over twenty teaching studios for The Art Institutes around the US, and corporate clients such as Hoffman La Roche. Recent credits include Jungle City, NY’s major new destination studio, private studios for Green Day, Jay-Z, Timbaland’s Tim Mosley, film composer Carter Burwell, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and Alicia Keys. WSDG principals John Storyk, Beth Walters, and Dirk Noy lecture frequently at universities and industry events, and contribute regularly to industry publications. WSDG is a seven-time winner of the prestigious TEC Award for outstanding achievement in Acoustics/Facility Design, including 2012 for Jungle City. WSDG maintains offices in NY, SF, Miami, Argentina, Brazil, Beijing, Germany, Mexico City, Spain and Switzerland.