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Christ Fellowship Gardens Grows With L-ACOUSTICS

Christ Fellowship Gardens, home to a new KARAi/SB18i loudspeaker system concealed in soffits above the stage
Florida house of worship becomes first US user of new KARAi system

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida — With an average weekly attendance of 16,500 spread out between its four campuses in Palm Beach County, Florida, Christ Fellowship Church easily ranks among North America’s largest megachurches. Continually seeking to improve the worship experience for its attenders and promote further growth, the church updated its flagship Palm Beach Gardens worship center earlier this year with a fully L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker and amplifier system.

Alan Jones of Pro Sound and Video’s Miami location helped facilitate the sale and installation of the new system, which featured the very first KARAi and SB18i enclosures shipped to the US. The system, designed in SOUNDVISION, features three KARAi arrays flown in an LCR configuration (8+9+8 KARAi) concealed in soffits above the stage of the 2,200-seat octagonal sanctuary. Two four-box SB18i sub arrays, each arranged in a cardioid configuration providing focused low-frequency extension for the KARAi mains, are flown in the two spaces between the KARAi, and two SB28 subs are positioned on the floor beneath each KARAi array.

L-ACOUSTICS LA8 and LA4 amplified controllers power and process CFG's entire loudspeaker system
The church also is using a number of L-ACOUSTICS’ coaxial enclosures, including one 115XT HiQ flown per side to provide extreme left and right downfill, plus seven 8XTi mounted to the front of the stage, below the stage lip, for frontfill. The entire loudspeaker complement is powered by a combination of LA8 and LA4 amplified controllers equipped with LA-AES3 (AES/EBU) cards for digital signal distribution.

Danny Dagher, senior audio engineer at Christ Fellowship Gardens, notes that the church essentially drove the specification for the L-ACOUSTICS system. “We invited four respected loudspeaker manufacturers to come participate in a comparative listening test to help us discern which system would be the best solution for our room,” Dagher recalls. “So we brought in our entire worship and media staff — there were more than 30 of us critically listening to the shootout — and we unanimously came to the consensus that KARAi was the right box. It wasn’t a difficult choice. In fact, when Todd Mullins, our lead pastor, heard the L-ACOUSTICS system, he said ‘Okay, I want that in my living room!'”

Once the system had been installed and commissioned, Dagher and system tech Travis Groat were even more elated with their decision. “Our previous house system was an exploded mono cluster design, which was a comb filtering nightmare,” he laughs. “So to go from that to L-ACOUSTICS has been absolutely shocking. The intelligibility of KARAi is breathtakingly clean, but without the fatiguing sterile harshness that one can experience on other PAs.

“I think the greatest thing I can say about this system is that whatever comes through it simply sounds like the source; it’s exactly like listening to a pair of high-end studio reference monitors. The more I use our L-ACOUSTICS rig, and the more I compare it with PAs in other venues, the more I love it.”

Christ Fellowship’s home on the Web is located at, while Pro Sound and Video can be found online at

L-ACOUSTICS is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers, amplifiers and signal processing devices for touring and installed sound markets. Known around the globe for pioneering and championing the modern line array loudspeaker concept with V-DOSC, the company has received numerous accolades for its K1, KUDO, KARA, KIVA, ARCS, XT coaxial loudspeaker systems and SB line of subwoofer enclosures, all powered and processed with the LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers in fulfillment of a “total system approach.” L-ACOUSTICS products for the US market are distributed by L-ACOUSTICS US of Oxnard, California.

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