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Christian Music Acts Enhance Concert Performances with PixelFLEX LED Video Curtain

PixelFLEX LED Curtains were a key element during the recent tours for Mary Mary and iShine because of their flexibility and lightweight design. The two Christian music groups played in a variety of unique theater and church spaces throughout their tours, which often meant a different stage set up would be required for each venue. Under the direction of Mike Houlihan, production and tour manager for both acts, PixelFLEX’s flexible and easy to use technology allowed for a high-quality production without the costly budget and excessive work for the road crew.

Grammy-winning act Mary Mary has been a mainstay on the R&B and gospel scene for more than 12 years. To make a big impression on the sister duo’s latest tour, Houlihan incorporated four 20mm resolution panels from PixelFLEX in the center of the stage to deliver videos of the act throughout the show, including clips from the group’s TV show featured on WE. PixelFLEX’s LED Curtain was the staple piece that Houlihan designed Mary Mary’s tour around.

“To make this work on the tour, we needed a solution that would fit into one truck along with the rest of the tour equipment,” Houlihan said. “Given the challenges presented by some of the venues, we also had to have a system that was easy to set up and tear down. PixelFLEX was the only alternative to meeting both needs while also providing pristine video quality to the audience.”

For iShine, a group of Christian teenage artists that tour and perform at churches each spring to minister to pre-teens and their families, Houlihan often was faced with setting up at venues with unmovable structures. On this tour, in which he used four 20mm resolution panels, the flexibility of the panels and ability to separate them to work around such structures was critical to Houlihan and his team.

“On the iShine tour, having a product that was very flexible made a huge difference for us,” Houlihan remarked. “Audience participation is a big part of the iShine tour, so we had to be able to show song lyrics and video behind the performers. With the stage size and depth different at each venue it would have been far more difficult to deliver the required content without the PixelFLEX system.”

Given the high level of audience and performer approval Houlihan has received regarding on the PixelFLEX LED Curtain, he’s currently mapping out future tours and plans for using the system in different ways.

“With the various challenges we faced at each venue, the folks that run the iShine tour were blown away by the PixelFLEX Curtain’s performance,” Houlihan concluded. “To be able to deliver high-quality video content no matter the venue configuration, while also saving money in production costs is a tremendous value to touring professionals.”

Easy to operate and set up – videos and images can be sent to the screen using any computer with a DVI-D connection – PixelFLEX LED Curtains are available from low resolution to high resolution, allowing users to demonstrate simple effects or elaborate videos.

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