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Clair Brothers Joins Elit Light/Sound Technologies for Sales and Distribution in Turkey

ISTANBUL, TURKEY: Elit Light/Sound Technologies is a professional solutions provider for studio television applications, conference and concert halls, theatres, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, shopping malls, art galleries and cultural centers. They offer their customers long-term solution partnerships from project concept to design to after-sale support. “Our mission is to set new industry standards with every sound and lighting project we work on,” says Elit’s Emre Defne. “We’re so proud to now be the Turkish partner of Clair Brothers because they give us a renewed ability to build on our mission to be the best live event brand in Turkey.” Clair Brothers is Elit’s most recent addition to their portfolio.

Elit Light/Sound Technologies sells and distributes the kiTCurve and C-Series loudspeakers with customizable TrueFit Technology, as well as other Clair Brothers product innovations such as the 1AM and 1.5AM Series stage monitors, the conveniently stackable S2 PA System, and more. “With Clair Brothers unique waveguide technology, we can offer customized products for tailor-made solutions for arenas and concert halls,” continues Mr. Defne. “Because of the waveguides, we’re able to find a custom solution with one speaker for a single project. It’s quite amazing. And with different cabinet color and front grille options, tailoring to a specific project can be even more special.” Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Defne feels that the Clair Brothers product capabilities will prove popular with Elit’s customers. “Their products are very powerful when you compare them with other manufacturers around the world; they have at least 2dB or 3dB more in the same category of products. With Clair Brothers, we bring high-pressure volume levels with very high sound quality. Our customers in the Turkish market count on us for that and they believe in us.”

Josh Sadd, Clair Brothers chief engineer, remarks: “We are happy to have Elit onboard with us and look forward to making more contributions to Turkey’s vibrant culture of interesting venues and events. The Elit team brings experience and enthusiasm that will certainly make the future of Clair Brothers in Turkey bright!”

ABOUT CLAIR BROTHERS Clair Brothers is a world-class sound reinforcement company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of professional loudspeaker systems. Founded by Roy & Gene Clair, the company is built on a tradition of excellence with fifty-plus years in the industry as the premier choice of top artists and audio engineers. Innovative engineering and impeccable attention to detail delivers state-of-the-art audio performance from every Clair Brothers product. Their headquarters in Manheim, Pennsylvania serves as the international distribution network hub facilitating product sales and support. For more information please call (717) 665-4000 or email [email protected]