Classic Louis Vuitton Speedy Series Bags

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As one of the most popular and classic style of Louis Vuitton handbags, Louis Vuitton Speedy purses series has continued for more than eighty years till today. Maybe due to curiosity, we would like to know more about the speedy bags as we love them. The following article will give you some answers.The earliest version Speedy bag is Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 that was born in 1930s. Originally it was used as a travel case. Later because its design catered for the fast pace in modern life, the style bag gradually had evolved into daily-use purse till 1960s. The word, "Speedy", means quick action or event is done very quickly. Actually, its style of concise design does reflect the meaning of speedy over again and so the purse is accepted and loved by people. In 1965, Audrey Hepburn, as speedy purse's faithful fan, asked Louis Vuitton to make a style of smaller speedy bag for her specially. So soon Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 purse was born. In recent years, LV publishes the lager size Speedy 40 purse again. It is based on the needs of office ladies who want to take more essentials when being away.After knowing the LV speedy's brief history, let us learn it further.Firstly, in terms of size, Speedy bags include speedy 25, speedy 30, speedy 35 and speedy 40. The number 25, 30, 35 and 40 indicate the length (metric unit) of purse respectively. For most of people, the speedy 30 purse is very suitable for daily use considering the size. The Louis Vuitton speedy 35 and speedy 40 are more like travel bags.Secondly, in terms of material, Speedy bags come in monogram canvas, damier azur canvas, damier ebene canvas, monogram multicolor canvas, Epi leather, monogram roses canvas, monogram watercolor canvas, monogram mirage canvas, monogram eclipse canvas, monogram cerise canvas, monogram mini lin and cruise paris embossed leather etc. Among them, monogram, damier, monogram multicolor and Epi leather lines are the most common and popular styles. Others are either rare or precious. Therefore, you can see speedy purses are in all types of LV handbags lines basically.Thirdly, in terms of characters, the concise and stylish curve make speedy purse become fashion trend for a long time and will last in future.Ladies and gentlemen,this is a good opportunity to catch your favorite Fake Balenciaga Wallet now. Maybe it is because the common spirit and culture of brand always are extended and developed by different periods of LV designers. No following up any trend just is the reason of its classic. In addition, the rounded shape of speedy provides the purse with spacious interior and makes it be able to hold basically everything for daily use. It does add the practicality of the bag also. Most of the speedy purses have no strap. Probably it is because LV would like to look speedy purse as a typical city bag mainly. In fact, Louis Vuitton also designed several styles of speedy bags with strap in monogram speedy and cruise paris embossed leather speedy lines in order to meet some consumers who want to let hand free when carrying the purse. The speedy handbag with strap can be carried on hand held, shoulder or across the body, which is very convenient.Finally, in terms of use, no matter what age you are at, you always can find the suitable speedy bag. But before choosing, the below tips maybe are useful for you.We believe that you will attract many people's attention when you stay with Fake Fountain Pen. * In terms of seasons, the damier azur, watercolor and monogram multicolor canvas speedy purses are more suitable for spring summer. The cruise paris embossed leather and monogram eclipse series purses look more suitable for fall winter. However, monogram, monogram roses and damier ebene canvas speedy can be carried in any time of a year.* In terms of style, monogram speedy is practical and classic.We believe that you will come back again because our MasterCard pay the Louis Vuitton Wallet are really worth to be bought. Damier azur speedy seems elegant and luminous. Damier ebene speedy is sweet and feminine. Monogram multicolor or watercolor speedy is bright, glossy and eye-catching. Monogram rose speedy looks romantic and sexy. Speedy purses basically can match any outfit like suits, dresses, leisure clothes, jeans etc.For more information, please check our louis vuitton outlet at fashionbagsales/classiclouisvuittonpurseslouisvuittonspeedy-c-205_208.html.