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Classical New York Studio Chooses Audient ASP4816

New York City – Barely a year after opening, Skillman Music studios has racked up an impressive client list, including celebrated concert pianist, Lang Lang, as well as various members of the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. A small format ASP8416 analogue mixing console was the perfect fit for this urban, high-end professional studio space, located just a stone’s throw from New York City’s Union Square.

“It suited my budget and the review was great,” explains Wei Wang, Skillman Music studio owner, very pleased with his choice. “I’ve never heard a console this quiet – it’s so transparent!” He continues, “For me, it’s all about transparency. We use a lots of omni-directional small condenser microphones, lots of ribbons too. The Audient console on board preamps are also very good, we use them a lot on strings. We just love to capture the real sound. It’s very important in classical music recording.”

A large number of Skillman Music’s clients are classical musicians, and according to Wei, they and their respective engineers/producers have given very positive feedback about the desk, too. “The sound is super clear. The routing is insanely great – we can route anyway we want and use outboard gear very easily,” he says. “For example, we normally patch our reverb, stereo compressor into different Aux sends and returns, so we don’t even need to patch sometimes for some classical sessions. Time is money and we have to act fast.”

Even after finding suitable premises in one of the most densely populated cities in the US, making Skillman Music a reality wasn’t all plain sailing, by any means. “We didn’t want to be the next studio to get kicked out by its landlord, so we purchased the whole building and built the studio from the ground up.” Wei was also looking for flexibility, preferring not to have a permanent dry room. “The entire studio is made from portable panels so we can adjust it acoustically. Everything is measured and frequency is controlled as needed.”

He has great ambitions for the recording studio, which continues to evolve as the client list grows. “We are building a vocal/drum booth. We are getting more and more jazz and pop gigs, therefore we need a booth. We are also wood paneling the entire studio for acoustic reasons.” Right now, Wei is working on “pretty big” violin and viola records, which are due out in a few months.

He clearly loves what he does. “I get to enjoy music performed by world-class musicians,” he says, adding, “I’m proud to own a sick studio in NYC and I look forward to constantly upgrading and making more records!” Well, yes absolutely.

About Audient

With a proud heritage of award-winning audio excellence stretching back to 1997, Audient continues to develop exciting and innovative products for the audio recording market. The hallmark of quality begins with intelligent design, developing into solidly built products with pristine sound quality and inspiring features.

A philosophy of providing world class, affordable and accessible technology with the aim to capture and enhance creativity has seen Audient build a strong community of creative users in professional and home-studios worldwide. Impeccable performance and reliability can be seen throughout the versatile product range, from the flagship ASP8024 HE Heritage Edition studio console through the iD USB audio interfaces, the ASP series of rack mount mic pres and the compact analogue desk, ASP4816.

Audient operates from its headquarters in Hampshire, England.