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Clegg Sound Relies on NEXO for Audio Production Needs

BUENA PARK, Calif. (March 22, 2017)—Clegg Sound (Rochester, New Hampshire), system installer and sound rental company, recently provided production assistance and the rental of a NEXO audio system for a reception held by Lindt Chocolates, the worldwide chocolatier based in Stratham, New Hampshire, for its employees. Held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH, Malloy Events, New England event planner located in Rochester, produced the event, which included live music as well as a DJ.

Clegg Sound, a long-time NEXO dealer, recommended a 12-speaker NEXO GEO M620 line array system, three 4×1 NXAmps: one was used for the line array, one for two LS-18 subs, and one for four PS10 stage monitors. Three NEXO ID24 speakers were used for rear ballroom fill, powered by a single amp channel, and processed with a NEXO DTD controller. 

“We chose the GEO M620 for the Radisson event because of its high quality sound and control. Nothing sounds as natural to my ear as NEXO, states Dean Clegg, owner of Clegg Sound.  We are in the event business, and so many of our clients need powerful, coherent quality audio and appreciate great sounding mixes. We don’t necessarily need to be super loud, just good at around the SPL levels that M6 speakers are ideally suited.” 

A team from Malloy Events visited Clegg Sound for a demo prior to the event, in which a six-speaker M6 system over two LS18s was set up for listening. “They loved it, and loved the small, discreet size even more,” says Clegg. 

“Malloy Events contracted with Clegg Sound for the Lindt Chocolates production because of their experience in live sound mixing, especially bands,” states Chris Malloy, owner of Malloy Events. “The NEXO system was nothing short of amazing.  We have produced events in that room dozens of times, and never has the audio been cleaner and louder with minimal installation requirements. The incredible low end quality was matched by the precision of the main speakers, which Dean and his crew were able to pinpoint for maximum coverage.” 

“I’m very familiar with the sound of NEXO GEO products and LOVE it, Clegg adds. I’ve done many concerts with GEO S8s and CD12s, installed an S8 system at New Life Church in Biddeford, Maine, and a GEO S12 system with NX4X4 amps at the Prescott Park Arts Festival in nearby Portsmouth, NH.” 

Clegg said his company uses NS-1 software and finds it very helpful when designing systems. “The M620s are 20 degrees vertical, so they are a little more forgiving than what we are used to with GEO S8s (5 degrees vertical) and, where the S8 could get louder, the M6 does not lose any quality whatsoever.

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