-Sound Company Has Supported University for 15 Years-

BUENA PARK, Calif. (May 24, 2018)—With 20+ years of experience in live sound, Clegg Sound Associates of Seacoast, New Hampshire has earned a reputation of excellence and unbridled attention to detail. For the past 15 years, Clegg has been contracted by The University of New Hampshire (UNH) to provide sound reinforcement for their Honors Convocation event in The Whittemore Center Arena.

“The Whit” as UNH students refer to it, is the 7,500-seat ice rink home to the legendary UNH men’s and women’s hockey teams. In the past, arrays were outsourced and sub-rented by Clegg Sound for this event. However, this year Clegg Sound deployed their own NEXO GEO M6 tangent arrays as mains for the event. The hangs consisted of eight 120º modules over four 80º modules per side, totalling 24 M6 array modules. Four NEXO LS-18 subwoofers were ground stacked (two per side) to fill out the bottom end, and four NEXO PS-10 speakers were deployed on the ground as side fill speakers. Six NEXO ID-24 speakers in a 40º x 120º orientation were deployed evenly across the front of the stage as front fills.

Clegg Sound owner/founder, Dean Clegg, designed the system using CAD modeling and NEXO NS-1 modeling software. “NS-1 has proven to be extremely accurate time and time again,” states Clegg. “Whatever it shows, is what you get upon actually deploying the rig.”

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this system was the size and weight according to Clegg Sound’s Production Manager/Systems Technician, George Farrow III. “We were able to hang each array with just a single point and a ¼ ton motor; something you can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, we did not even come close to the ¼ weight limit, with 12 boxes, that’s just amazing! It made the riggers quite happy as well. In addition to being very light, the arrays are very small. They blended into the background very nicely, and were by no means obtrusive to any sight lines.”

As for the sound itself, Farrow said, “it was great, with excellent sound pressure levels throughout the room, and fantastic clarity. The subwoofers did a nice job of filling out the bottom end of some deeper voices, and helped the brass quintet get a little more effectiveness out of their low brass instruments.”

For more information on Clegg Sound Associates, visit www.cleggsound.com.

For more information on the NEXO M6 line array, visit www.yamahaca.com.