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Club Force strong with Electro-Voice Phoenix

Michael Creviston, President of Club Force Touring Dance Club in Eau Claire, Wis., recently purchased an Electro-Voice Phoenix loudspeaker system with the help of Mike Schlenker, owner of audio retailer Speed of Sound in Eau Claire.

“Club Force Touring Dance Club is a large-scale DJ Entertainment company,� says Creviston. “We only perform at school events. Because our services often cost our customers thousands of dollars, it is absolutely essential that we have a system more than capable of exceeding their expectations. And this system does.�

At the core of Club Force’s new system are Electro-Voice’s state-of-the-art Phoenix loudspeakers, featuring EV Manifold Technology™. Phoenix’s balance of power, performance, technology, and ease-of-use is perfect for the services that Creviston and his colleges provide, and a significant upgrade from their previous system.

“Our new Phoenix speakers are really in a class by themselves,â€? says Creviston. “They really outperform my old speakers in every aspect. First of all, Phoenix is so much more efficient. The sound they produce is twice as good, twice as powerful, but they only use half the power of my old boxes. Secondly, they look better than anything else out there. I’ve never had so many compliments on our sound system’s appearance. The coating is great and the grille has a high-quality look and feel. Thirdly, Phoenix has functionality. I can use the subwoofers vertically and horizontally. Plus, the fact that they have a caster option is so convenient. Our last system didn’t have that!â€?

The functionality of Phoenix loudspeakers allows Club Force to deploy their system quickly and easily at a variety of venues, regardless of size, scale, and acoustics, with amazing results.

“We’ve used our system in many acoustically challenging applications,â€? says Creviston, “anywhere from the smallest of school cafeterias to very large high school gymnasiums, and we’ve never been let down—our customers love them. We used to have four double 18-inch subwoofers, each powered by a separate power amp. Now we use just two Phoenix 2181s and the sound is astonishing. I’ve owned many brands of speakers, and this is the first system that continues to blow my mind every time we use it. We’ve gotten complements on our sound before, but never like this! I thought my old rig sounded great, but my new equipment is amazing.â€?

Along with Phoenix loudspeakers, Speed of Sound provided Club Force with a Dynacord DSP-260 processor for the system along with Dynacord LX2200 and LX3000

“I was never a real believer in the whole ‘buy our speakers, amps, and processor’ angle,â€? says Creviston. “But now that we have our Phoenix system, I couldn’t imagine using anything other than components from the Bosch Communications Systems family of brands. Mike Schlenker from Speed of Sound and the people at Electro-Voice all wanted my business to sound its best. I really appreciate all the help and advice they gave me. I couldn’t be happier with our Phoenix rig and the service we got along the way. I will defiantly be buying more.â€?

Equipment List:

(2) EV PX1152M (w/EV covers)
(2) EV PX2181 (w/EV covers & casters)
(1) Dynacord LX2200 – Mid/Highs (stereo operation)
(1) Dynacord LX3000 – Subwoofers (parallel operation)
(1) Dynacord DSP-260 Processor


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