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Composer Joel Goodman Produces Original Score for “Canvas”

Calabasas, CA, Oct. 5, 2007 – Composer Joel Goodman, who has scored over 80 documentaries and feature films, has completed the score to the upcoming indie film “Canvas,” which will make its theatrical debut on Oct. 9th.

Goodman continues to enjoy success with his much in-demand original scores for highly visible documentary and dramatic feature films. The films Goodman has scored have received four Academy Award Nominations in the past 6 years alone. Many of the television documentaries he has scored have also won Emmy Awards. In addition to theatrical distribution, Joel’s work can also be heard on a regular basis on HBO, PBS, A&E, ABC, Court TV, and many other major TV networks.


Starring Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden and Emmy Award winner Joe Pantoliano, “Canvas” is a dramatic indie feature film that was written and directed by Joe Greco. The film will make its debut in theaters on Oct. 9th. “Canvas” tells a story that interweaves love and the magic of sailing. This character driven story chronicles one family‘s struggle with mental illness. For more information, please see:

For “Canvas,” Joel Goodman crafted and produced the full original score for the film, which he describes as “a mixture of contemporary sounds with a full orchestra.” Says filmmaker Joe Greco, “Joel Goodman was a joy to work with on ‘Canvas.‘ My movie was hit by a Hurricane and we had very little money for music. Like me, Joel is an eternal optimist and is willing to explore every possibility. Joel embraced our limitations. He was also unafraid to go deeper and push the limits of what could be accomplished despite our tiny budget. Joel’s score is wonderful and full of heart.”


Joel Goodman wrote and produced the score for “Constantine‘s Sword,” directed by Oren Jacoby (Jacoby‘s last film, “Sister Rose‘s Passion” was nominated for an Oscar in2005.) The film made its debut during the LA Film Festival in June 2007.

Goodman wrote and produced the full score for the HBO documentary “Hear & Now,” which won the “Audience Award for Documentary Competition” at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Goodman also scored an Emmy nominated, two-hour TV special which aired on A&E entitled “Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company.” The two-hour film told the story of one of the hardest hit combat units in the Iraq War, Lima 3/25.

For the film “The Cats of Mirikitani,” Goodman also produced the original score. That film originally premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, where it won both the “Audience Award” and “Honorable Mention for Best New York Loves Film.”

In addition, Goodman scored the Emmy nominated Civil War story “Antietam,” which aired during a 10-part, five-consecutive-night History Channel series showcasing different filmmakers tackling huge events in U.S. history.


In addition to his role as a highly sought-after composer, Joel Goodman is also co-founder of MusicBox, an LA and NYC-based music production company that provides original composition and scoring, as well as over 4,500 tracks from its original music library, to television, film, TV commercial and radio projects.

Acclaimed by The Hollywood Reporter as an “Indie Composer to Watch,” Goodman is a multi-talented, award winning composer. His original composition credits include work on Oscar and Emmy Award winning films, including “To Be Alive!” (Academy Award Winner,) “Sister Rose‘s Passion,” (2005 Academy Award Nomination,) “The Collector of Bedford Street” (2004 Academy Award Nomination,) and “Children Underground,” (2002 Academy Award Nomination,) for such producers as HBO, Disney, GreenStreet Films, Good Machine, Anonymous Content, TriggerStreet Films, Double A Films, Maysles Films, PBS, Hybrid Films, Working Pictures and Cypress Films.

Goodman has also worked with an impressive array of distinguished directors and producers, including Wong Kar-Wei, Kevin Spacey, Albert Maysles, Andrew Jarecki, John Penotti, Barbara Kopple, Susan Froemke, Stephen Ives, Oren Jacoby and Fisher Stevens. Goodman‘s original music for television has included “The Staircase” (ABC,) “Brooklyn North Homicide” (Court TV,) “Seabiscuit,” (American Experience/PBS,) and “Robert Capa: In Love and War” (American Masters/PBS,) as well as Emmy Award winning shows “Born Rich” (HBO,) and “Reporting America at War” (PBS.)

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