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Concept Store opened for Canon DSLR

There is no such store anywhere in the world. If you want to buy a canon DSLR then your one and only option is to buy it through some retailer. This will change once this concept store open and gives customers an official place where they could buy their favorite line of cameras from. The concept store will carry the largest range of Canon DSLR and related accessories. It will by like heaven for camera lovers.

The store offers many things not offered anywhere else. Since this is a specialty shop it will have expertly trained staff. All of the employees have been trained about the Canon DSLR cameras in order to help you. We all know how picky camera customers can be so this is a great move on canon?s part. This professional shop will also be a great place for official announcements and events than Canon wants to hold or unveil.

While this is only open in Dubai right now we are all hoping that they do the same thing in other countries too. If there is one thing that Canon DSLR lovers would like it would be to have an official store where they could get authentic accessories and get the latest true information. This is why this is being called a ?concept store? because they are testing out the concept and plan to work it out in other countries too depending on the run in Dubai. Dubai has been chosen as the first place to get a concept store due to its foreign appeal and the high number of tourists that go through Dubai.

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