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Confessions of a Record Producer – 5th Edition

Montclair, NJ – For more than 15 years, Confessions of a Record Producer has exposed the inner workings of the music business and empowered artists to protect their interests. With inside knowledge and hard numbers, Moses Avalon reveals the truth of how the industry functions (or dysfunctions), showing what artists actually make from their “hits” and how producers, labels, managers, and even the artists’ own lawyers conspire to rip them off.

This is the only music business trade book that: 

  • Intimately analyzes the differences between ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC
  • Compares different types of record deals using real-world math and dollar figures
  • Speaks critically about relationships between big industry entities and how they can hurt artists
  • Gives the reasoning behind major industry trends and decisions, particularly recent deals with Spotify, Apple, etc.

Since the first edition’s release in 1998, Confessions has grown from an underground favorite to a widely read staple, evolving along the way to address Internet-age realities and the pitfalls coming with rapidly changing technologies. This new, fifth edition tackles the complexities of music streaming and how the diminishing revenue it provides is becoming the new normal for an industry that has shrunk by half in less than two decades.

Fully updated with recent industry developments and the latest scams, Confessions of a Record Producer remains a must for artists who want to survive, thrive, and get their fair share.

Confessions of a Record Producer – 5th Edition
$29.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00146064
ISBN: 9781495022135
Width: 7.38″, Length: 9.25″
358 pages


Moses Avalon is a much-honored record producer and engineer, a top-selling author of music business books and education tools, and a tireless advocate for artists’ rights. He is an active lecturer, a popular blogger, a court-recognized music-business expert, and CEO of the Moses Avalon Company (, which assists hundreds of clients in the music industry. Previous editions of Confessions of a Record Producer have been required reading for music-business courses around the world. Moses lives in Los Angeles.

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