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controlled ride with good brakes and sharpish steering

Peter Barnwell street exams and critiques the 2012 Suzuki Swift Activity at its Australian start.

was considered one of incredibly couple of, otherwise louis vuitton handbags the only carmaker to turn a revenue over the GFC. It’s infact been within the black each and every yr considering the fact that startup in 1950.

Obviously, that’s simply because Suzuki makes the “right” cars, the right way, at louis vuitton outlet the right price.Call them conservative if you like but it seems to be the over-riding factor in Suzuki’s success.

Their least conservative louis vuitton car is the $23,990 Swift Sports – a latter-day Swift GTi for want of a better description.It’s a cool, baseball cap of a car with pert looks, a dash of attitude and performance and handling that brings a smile to your dial louis vuitton without actually pinning back your ears.

And there’s a CVT auto this time around.Suzuki’s formula for its hot little five-door hatch is “pare back weight, tweak the engine and suspension, fit subtle body add-ons and boost fuel economy.”


Sport runs a quite straightforward 1.6-litre, twin cam, four banger up in the 1.4 in base Swift. It’s good for 100kW/160Nm output and fuel consumption as low as 6.1-litres/100km.

It misses out on direct injection but scores a simple variable intake system and variable valve timing and lift to optimise efficiency.The two transmissions are a six-speed manual and lv CVT auto with paddle shift.


Sport has a strut front and simple torsion beam rear suspension system – calibrated to give a good compromise between sharp handling and response and comfort.It won’t rattle your teeth on rough roads and though small in diameter, the disc brakes are up for the job. The electric steering has been calibrated to give sharper response than base Swift. Suzuki has fitted light alloy wheels to reduce unsprung weight and optimise suspension action. It weighs 1060kg.


It has a five star crash rating thanks to seven air bags, stability control and the selective use of high strength steel all through the body/chassis.


Though still louis vuitton outlet “sensible”, the Swift Sport has a mild body aero kit with a rear roof spoiler and under bumper diffuser complete with dual wide spaced exhaust tips. Side skirts and a deeper front apron complete the picture. No LED daytime running lights though.Within is louis vuitton handbags very much generic lv bags Japanese with over-used hard plastics, functional controls and a decent leather-clad sports wheel with cloth sports seats.


The Sport has generous spex including bixenon headlights, Bluetooth phone and audio, keyless entry and start, cruise control and climate control aircon to name just a number of goodies. The audio is OK and the sports seats with red piping have side bolsters to hold you tight. The wheels are 17-inch with low profile sports rubber.


This is an enjoyable car to drive within the cut and thrust of city driving, on the freeway or on a winding road. They’ve nailed the driveability factor brilliantly. There’s a sweet shifting manual gear change with close intermediate ratios, plenty of zip higher up inside the engine rev range and a supple, controlled ride with good brakes and sharpish steering.

The exhaust note is too quiet and the tyres are too skinny.It goes better than the previous Swift Sport and has more goodies.But Kia’s sporty three door Rio SLS has more power and torque and costs a lot less. Gives nothing away on looks either.


Great little car, fun to drive, cheap to run and own, undoubtedly reliable, safe and well equipped.

Suzuki Swift Sport

Price: from $23,990
Warranty: 3-years/100,000km
Resale: N/A% (est.) Source: Glass’s Guide
Service Interval: 15,000km/12 months
Safety: 5-star NCAP
Engine: 1.6-litre, 4-cyl petrol, 100kW/160Nm
Body: 5-door hatch
Weight: 1060kg
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7-speed CVT auto, front-wheel drive
Thirst: 6.5L/100km (6.1 CVT), 95RON, CO2 155g/km (CVT 145g/km)

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