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** Photo: Kab Benefield **
El Dorado Hills, CA – January 2014… Make no mistake: cooking is an art! Few activities bring more people together than a good meal. Whether it’s a celebration for the family or an important business transaction, food is central to many of life’s biggest events. It’s no wonder then, that food preparation shows are so interesting to so many people. Whether it’s a seminar, a trade convention, or a special guest appearance, Chef Kab Benefield demonstrates the fine art of cooking about 600 times per year to enthusiastic crowds eager to improve their own kitchen skills. And when he steps out on the stage, his voice projects clearly—thanks in no small part to his use of the E6 Earset Microphone from Menlo Park, CA-based Countryman Associates.

“As an entertainer and educator, my income is based on the ability to keep each audience in their seats and captivated for 1.5 hours,” Kab explains. “The clarity of sound is of paramount importance because, if I can’t be understood, most of what takes place gets lost. Each cooking show features our Kitchen Craft or Lustre Craft Waterless Cookware brands. Kitchen Craft brand shows are called Cook for Life, and the Lustre Craft shows are called Healthy Gourmet. Each show provides a variety of cooking aspects, including how to cook a healthy four-course meal in 15 minutes. In my 37 years of public speaking, I’ve experimented with many cordless microphone setups and, for me, the Countryman E6—mated with either my Shure PGXD 14/93 or Audio Technica 2000 Series wireless systems is, without question, the best choice.”

Kab discussed those attributes that make his Countryman E6 such a compelling tool. “By far, the sound quality of the E6 is what sets it apart from competing products,” says Kab. “The Countryman E6 is perfect for this application because it enables me to achieve excellent audio clarity that sounds absolutely natural. With the E6, I can have plenty of volume, without feedback or distortion. In my ten years of using the E6, I have never had a complaint regarding sound quality. However, I constantly receive compliments on the clarity of the sound. With the E6, my voice sounds so natural that I often forget I have the microphone on and the audience forgets that I’m using an amplified system.”

Another crucial consideration when using an earset microphone is achieving a secure, comfortable fit that enables him to focus on the presentation. Here, too, Kab was very complimentary of his Countryman E6. “The E6 is extremely lightweight and easy to adjust for a proper fit,” he said. “This is very important because I need to focus on the presentation. Similarly, the audience loves it because, being almost invisible, the mic is never a visual distraction. I actually own three E6’s. I keep one as a backup and another with a different wireless system attachment because I never know what type of sound system the venue may have.”

When public speaking is your business, knowing that your microphone equipment will deliver top notch performance is crucial. It’s equally important to know that, should assistance be required, customer service is ready to help. Kab reports that the team at Countryman Associates always has his back, “Countryman’s customer service has always been second to none! In my 10 years of using these mics, there have been a handful of occasions where I needed help, such as when I tripped and broke my cord. The folks at Countryman would always take care of me incredibly fast. I wish all companies would operate like Countryman.”

Before turning his attention to preparation for an upcoming show, Kab offered these final thoughts, “These shows are physically demanding and run at a high pace for an energetic feel. I routinely travel all over the stage and out into the audience. Through it all, my Countryman mic delivers first class results show after show. No other microphone matches the quality of sound, comfort, and reliability of my Countryman E6. Combined with the best customer service I have ever experienced, I am and will be a customer of Countryman for life.”

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