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Sound clarity, lightweight design, and durability characterize theatre group’s experience

Seattle, WA – February 2015… Sound reinforcement for theatrical work is always challenging, as the requirement for quality audio must never compromise the acting or wardrobe considerations. Since nobody wants to be tethered to a wire, discreet wireless microphone setups are the solution. For Last Chance Productions, a touring musical theatre company, the sound reinforcement signal chain starts with E6 Earset Microphones from Menlo Park, CA-based Countryman Associates.

Chance Newman is the producer of Last Chance Productions. After founding the company in 2009, Last Chance Productions has performed a steady stream of musical shows for audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He reports that, presently, the theatre company utilizes twelve Countryman E6 Earsets in conjunction with AKG PT450 wireless microphone systems. Newman discussed his fondness for the Countryman E6 Earset Microphone.

“We’re currently staging Evil Dead: The Musical,” Newman reports. “This is a Canadian rock musical stage play based on the cult classic film series. Critics have praised the show and one critic for The New York Times said the musical ‘wants to be the next The Rocky Horror Show, and it just may succeed.’ It’s a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun and very entertaining. We’ve also used our E6 mics in other productions such as Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein and Trey Parker’s Cannibal! the Musical as well as original productions. In every case, our Countryman mics have performed exceptionally well under some very challenging circumstances.”

Those challenges include a lot of action, airbrush makeup, and perhaps most daunting, squirting stage blood! “Through all of this,” Newman reports, “the E6 delivers perfect clarity of sound. Voices sound very natural and the ability of the audience to understand the dialog is excellent. Perhaps even more important is the durability of the Countryman mics. Moisture—of any form—can be the kiss of death to electronic equipment, but our E6 mics have proven to be remarkably robust. The high quality sound and protective mic caps make the E6 essential equipment for us. We simply would never use any other mic.”

Newman also stressed the importance of proper fitting, “Aside from audio quality, there is nothing more important than a secure, comfortable fit. As a theatrical group, we simply can’t have mics that fit poorly and are uncomfortable because the distraction would be intolerable. Our actors need to be able to focus on the creative task at hand and, for this, the E6 microphones are terrific. They’re light, comfortable, and once fitted, they remain securely in place—enabling the talent to focus on the show. The Countryman E6 mics are so subtle that the actors forget they are wearing them and so do the audience, and this, of course, is the goal.”

As a travelling theatre group, Newman needs to be able to count on all his equipment vendors to provide capable, responsive support services. In this regard, he rates Countryman best in class. “Countryman’s support services are outstanding,” he says. “They really stand behind their products and ship quickly when needed. They also offer very helpful product suggestions and keep excellent records, which is useful when purchasing accessories. I’ve been very pleased.”

Before turning his attention back to company business, Newman made the following comments, “We are still using the original nine E6 mics that we purchased back in 2009 and we have since purchased an additional three mics.  These mics are durable and high quality. I wouldn’t invest in any other wireless mic besides Countryman.”

For additional information about Last Chance Productions, please call 877-976-3845.

About Countryman Associates

For more than 30 years, Countryman has focused on developing microphones and accessories that deliver maximum gain before feedback, with the highest possible rejection of wind, vibration, interference, and other unwanted sounds. The result is warm, clear vocals in speaking and singing applications, delivering natural audio reinforcement that requires almost no attention from the sound engineer or the performer. For additional information about Countryman Associates, visit the company online at


Photo Information: Evil Dead: The Musical