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Crate‘s Revamped V-Series Models Hit the Stores

Woodinville, Wash.–Crate announces that the newest evolution of its popular V-Series family of all-tube guitar amplifiers is now shipping to dealers across the country. First unveiled at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, the newly focused V-Series lineup includes single- and dual-channel models ranging in power from five watts Class A to 50 watts Class AB making the series suitable for a wide range of performance applications.

“The V-Series represents the latest generation of tube designs from Crate‘s team of engineers and players,” said Paul Meisenzahl, Crate director of product marketing. “Although the power and features differ between models, all of these amplifiers offer guitarists a stellar combination of superb tone, cool vintage styling, and roadworthy durability.”

One enhancement common to all of the new models is a power-switching power supply, which presents two unique and distinct advantages. First, a voltage switch on each amplifier‘s back panel now allows the guitarist to play virtually anywhere in the world without having to invest in expensive and bulky voltage transformers. The second benefit is a drastic reduction in overall amplifier weight – up to 20 percent – while delivering the same tube voicing and responsiveness of a standard tube output transformer.

The smallest model in the lineup, the five-watt V5 combo (MSRP $299.99), features a single EL84 tube in a Class A, single ended configuration feeding a ten-inch speaker. Volume and Tone/Shape controls offer simple access to a wide range of clean to overdriven sounds, making this amp ideal for both recording and practice.

The 18-watt V18-112 (MSRP $549.99) features a single-channel design with Gain and Master Volume controls, Treble/Mid/Bass controls, and a spring reverb voiced by a single 12-inch speaker. The output stage boasts a pair of cathode-biased EL84 tubes with no negative feedback for a thick, rich tone with smooth transition from clean to overdrive. A dual 12-inch speaker version, the V18-212 (MSRP $699.99), is also available for even wider sound dispersion.

The 33-watt, dual-channel V33-212 (MSRP $789.99) features channel switching between clean and overdrive sounds, a Presence switch, and a Boost function that operates on either channel. Four cathode-biased EL84 tubes and two 12-inch speakers provide a loud, sonically rich performance experience. This same topology is also offered in a separate head version, the V33H (MSRP $549.99), which is designed for use with the closed-back V212B (MSRP $449.99) cabinet.

Lastly, delivering 50 watts to its single 12-inch speaker, the V50-112 (MSRP $629.99) is a channel-switching combo based on a pair of 6L6 output tubes for a muscular low end, making it perfect for club and recording work. It features clean and overdrive channels with a shared tone stack, global Boost and Presence controls, and a spring reverb.

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