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Creating a FINe Dining Experience; LEA Professional’s Shark Fin Inspired Connect Series Amplifiers Provide Powerful Audio to Downtown Dubai Restaurant

Newly opened Jun’s Restaurant in Downtown Dubai describes itself as ‘a modern fine dining experience where the food is simple in presentation and massive in flavor’. The same can also be said for the LEA Professional amplifiers they chose to enhance this trendy new destination’s acoustic ambience.

Situated in the heart of downtown Dubai with views of the Burj Khalifa, Jun’s is headed up by Chef Kelvin Cheung who works his magic to create unique, delicious North American Asian cuisine. To help make Jun’s an even more enjoyable and attractive and a “must visit” Dubai dining experience, the restaurant selected key regional AV specialist Venuetech to design, supply and install the venue’s entire new audio system. Ismat Assafiri, Systems Architect and Audio Specialist at Venuetech explained that the system was designed to deliver music to all main restaurant dining areas, including an outdoor area, and needed to be flexible enough for a DJ (or bongo player!) to easily operate.

Understanding that the restaurant was looking to achieve good quality sound distribution within a flexible system, Assafiri and his team chose four LEA Professional 704 Network Connect Series amplifiers to cover the entire space.

The Connect Series 704 is a 4-channel amplifier with 700 watts per channel that blends seamless design with immense power capabilities. Part of the Network Connect Series —the world’s first IoT-enabled professional-grade amplifiers —it’s ideal for small to medium-scale installations. The 704 features direct HiZ (70V or

100V) or LoZ selectable by channel. With three ways to connect, integrators can choose the built-in Wi-Fi access point, the venue’s Wi-Fi or use FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

The restaurant encompasses three audio zones, two indoor and one outdoor —which presented some acoustical challenges for the team.

“The venue has high ceilings and reflective materials so we needed to be very considerate when it came to loudspeaker placement,” explained Assafiri.

When setting up the system, which included Vendome 5 loudspeakers from Active Audio, the team used the LEA Professional Web UI to make adjustments to the amplifiers until everything was balanced just right.

The LEA Web UI is LEA Professional’s browser-based interface which permits local monitoring of every amplifier connected to the network from any phone, tablet, or PC. In addition, it allows users to view the status of every channel on any given amp. Along with the remote-control LEA Cloud platform, the UI ensures the integrator is in full control of the system at all times. For Assafiri, this meant simply hitting his browser on his phone with no need to download an app or software.

One of the restaurant’s requests was to have a flexible system that, if needed, would allow them to eventually transition the space into a nightclub. Considering this, Venuetech’s team confirmed it was confident that the amps from LEA would be flexible enough and have enough headroom to accommodate the future expansion without needing to add more amps.

“The Connect Series amplifiers provide us with everything we need, from the intuitive user interface, the SPL headroom, to the ability to integrate with an endless list of loudspeaker manufacturers,” said Assafiri. “These are one of the most multifunctional amplifiers we have worked with.”

Assafiri explained the restaurant scene in Dubai is competitive, but with this system in place the team at Jun’s are assured that they can provide patrons with a feel-good experience and a place where customers come to “celebrate their big wins in life’.