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Duality is the Centerpiece for the Recording Arts and Technology Degree Program

CLEVELAND, OH – The new 75,000 square foot Center for Creative Arts building at Cuyahoga Community College Metropolitan campus is packed with four floors of studios and performance space and is the home for the Recording Arts and Technology degree program. A 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console is the centerpiece for the flagship ‘Studio A’ teaching complex.

“Studio A is a large performance and teaching space and the SSL Duality is the perfect console for our mission now and into the future,� says Tommy Wiggins, program manager for the Recording Arts and Technology degree program. “Duality combines great analogue sound and extensive DAW control. The console lets us teach the art of acoustic recording to young engineers and musicians who are used to creating music with sample-driven computer programs.�

Designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group, the Studio A complex offers a multi-room space that can handle everything from a film scoring session to a simple lecture on mixing. The studio captures to Pro Tools® HD, a Sony/MCI JH-24 two-inch analog recorder and an iZ Technologies Radar V to address the different capture formats in use by today’s audio professionals. The Duality control room is surrounded by the large tracking room that can hold a small orchestra and features two large isolation booths. A 30-seat audio classroom is to the right of the control room with line of sight windows and 15 students can sit at the back of the control room.

“We wanted to have our main control room situated so we could maximize the amount of students viewing the Duality and how it works,� explains Wiggins. “We chose the Duality because we really wanted something much more than a control surface for Pro Tools. We have other labs and studios for that. Cleveland is a really strong Hip-Hop market. We want to teach the younger Hip Hop and rock musicians how to record acoustic instruments so maybe a different kind of urban music will come of C-Town in the future. The Duality will be the platform that allows us to accomplish this while teaching the fundamentals of recording for music and film release.�
As the Center for Creative Arts includes the nationally recognized Jazz Studies performance program, the Duality is linked to the rehearsal rooms and computer labs throughout the building and to a 3,000 square foot soundstage where the long-running Crooked River Groove music cable TV show will be taped. The console is also connected to the Eastern and Western campus sites around Cleveland, which are up to 10 miles away from the main campus. They are connected via fiber and an extensive Aviom network so that many more students can share in the Duality experience.

“We have a video camera directly over the Duality with a large screen in the adjacent class room,� states Wiggins. “We can receive up to 32 mic channels each from our other two campus theatres, greatly expanding the role the Duality plays throughout the educational system. The Duality name implies multiple missions and certainly we will use this console for every possible type of audio recording.�

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