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CV-20756 | Nike Air Max 95 Men Shoes Grey Black Blue

October 11th Nike Air Max 2003 Women Shoes Black White, 2012 by

Have we forgotten that 2012 is indeed the 25th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1? A celebration of OG re-issues hasn’t happened yet, with the exception of , but we aren’t hearing any complaints especially considering the in-house colorists have done such an amazing job. This latest colorway combines Dark Obsidian with Grey for that ‘Yankees’ flavor, but the hint of orange on the outsole and Max Air unit brings that to a screeching halt. More angles of this AM1 is right ahead, so flip through the gallery and cop a pair now at .

October 8th, 2012 by

Summer seems like a long ways away, doesn’t it? We just wrapped up that season so it’s very nearly hibernation time, but before that we want to go ahead and give you a look at what to expect from Nike Sportswear when the sun does start shining again. Shown here is a covert preview featuring only the back end of models to be included in the Summer 2013 lineup, so a little guess work is required. You can see , , and , with some interesting looks on the sole of some that suggest a Lunar upgrade. Also interesting is that rainbow woven style, a bygone look that should have plenty excited at its return. Click through for the full photo and let us know in the comments which pair you think has the most potential.

October 8th, 2012 by

Word of upcoming VNTG-treated Air Max 1s first broke in late summer, when the time-tested ‘Sport Red’ colorup came onto the scene rocking that familiar pre-yellowed look. ?We got another look shortly after and things quieted down for a bit as we forged ahead with the holiday season offerings, but last week’s revelation of a ‘forgotten’ OG colorup again has sneakerheads talking about the Eighty-Seven in year twenty-six. cheap air max 2012?The resurrects we’ve only seen hinted at with the ‘USA’ joints over a decade ago, and in these latest shots, it appears Nike Sportswear has nailed the midsole aging process so thoroughly, these really do look like they’ve been locked in storage for a quarter-century (albeit with less crumbling). ?Stick with Sneaker News for release info on this SU13 drop and check out some new images below in the meantime.

October 6th, 2012 by

Sneakerheads struck Canyon Gold when a holiday 2012 released over two weeks early in mid-September, and now we see evidence that the models that pair was previewed alongside won’t make it onto store shelves for another month or so. This Air Max 1 has a slight New York lean thanks to Team Orange accents on a , but probably won’t earn too many Mets comparisons thanks to the readily apparent precision with which its colors are distributed. Expect these at Nike Sportswear retailers like for November and check out some new photos below in the meantime.
Nike Air Max 1 PremiumDeep Royal Blue/Granite-Sail-Team Orange512033-408

October 5th, 2012 by

The Air Max 1 is , making each of our three Top 20 lists near the top of the heap. Nike seems to believe that the Air Max 1 is immortal, bringing it back in a slew of new forms over the last few years, like the underrated ‘Maxim’ build and for 2013, the Air Max 1 ‘EM’. , which is used on this rebuilt AM1 to give it a more contemporary structure in terms of comfort and ventilation, but do you think this experiment is necessary? We’ve got a full shot just below so take a look and let us know what you think.

October 4th, 2012 by

Previewed in mid-summer as a Premium level release from Nike Sportswear, the latest Air Max 1 ‘pack’ might introduce a whole ‘nother designation instead of just three or four styles. The??features a classic?suede, mesh and leather build and toned down?colorways, and given that this pair was nowhere to be seen in the aforementioned Spring 2013 fast forward, it appears the Essential?AM1?could join Premium,?Quickstrike,?NRG?and others as on-box clues as to the grade and style of their construction. Have a closer look at the subtle use of Total Orange on this stormy mix of Dark Obsidian and Dark Grey mix and grab yours today straight from?.
Nike Air Max 1 EssentialDark Obsidian/Dark Grey-Light Bone-Total Orange537383-420

October 2nd, 2012 by

We’ve known since March that Nike Sportswear has among several Air Max 1 Premium colorways a bred mix of suede and leather, and now a new twist on that familiar Chicago Bulls palette has managed to arrive at retail without a hint of hype. ?The opts for a mix of leather and mesh for its red/grey/black design, one that’s blocked almost the opposite of those PRMs whose Canyon Gold peers suggest they’ll be out soon. ?Stick with Sneaker News to find out when and head out to NSW stores like to grab this style today.

September 30th, 2012 by

We’ve already gone throwback with the features, but we can’t help but shed some light on some other unforgettable AM1s of the past. Why didn’t we include them as part of Classics Revisited? Well, these two pairs, found on the feet of DEAUP in our popular , sitting front-and-center weren’t actually released (and we need to draw the line somewhere). Your eyes are likely locked in on the interesting tag of these Air Max 1s, and rightfully so; the ‘One’s By Nike’ tag was used on a select number of ’1? models like the Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 that released in 2003 and 2004, but these two unreleased samples brings in some fresh colorways to the ‘One’s’ with the Cork-like upper that was seen in a fellow Air Max 1 release of 2005 (pictured below). Check ‘em out below and if you have ‘em in your stash and are just now realizing what you’ve got on your hands, congrats!

This article includes a , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient air max 2012 black. Please help to this article by more precise citations. (February 2008)
Clarence Jordan (July 29, 1912 – October 29, 1969), a and scholar, was the founder of , a small but influential in southwest and the author of the translations of the New Testament. He was also instrumental in the founding of . His nephew, , served as White House Chief of Staff during the Jimmy Carter administration.[] Life[] Early years
Jordan was born in , to J. W. and Maude Josey Jordan, prominent citizens of that small town. From an early age the young Jordan was troubled by the racial and economic injustice that he perceived in his community. Hoping to improve the lot of sharecroppers through scientific farming techniques, Jordan enrolled in the , earning a degree in in 1933. During his college years, however, Jordan became convinced that the roots of were spiritual as well as economic. This conviction led him to the in , from which he earned a in the Greek New Testament in 1938. While at seminary Jordan met Florence Kroeger, and the couple were soon married.[] Koinonia Farm
In 1942, the Jordans and another couple, Martin and Mabel England, who had previously served as , and their families moved to a 440 acre (1.8 km?) tract of land near , to create an interracial, Christian farming community. They called it Koinonia (????????), a word meaning communion or fellowship that in 2:42 is applied to the earliest Christian community.
The Koinonia partners bound themselves to the equality of all persons, rejection of violence, ecological stewardship, and common ownership of possessions. For several years the residents of Koinonia lived in relative peace alongside their neighbors. But as the progressed, white citizens of the area increasingly perceived Koinonia, with its commitment to racial equality, as a threat. In the 1950s and early 1960s, Koinonia became the target of a stifling economic boycott and repeated violence, including several bombings Nike air max 2003 women. When Jordan sought help from President , the federal government refused to intervene, instead referring the matter to the . The governor, a staunch supporter of , responded by ordering the to investigate Koinonia’s partners and supporters for purported ties.
Interestingly, Jordan chose not to participate in the marches and demonstrations of the era. He believed that the best way to effect change in society was by living, in community Nike Air Max 2003 Women Shoes White Silver, a radically different life.[] Cotton Patch series
In the late 1960s, the hostilities gradually subsided, and Jordan increasingly turned his energies to speaking and writing. Among the latter are his well-known Cotton Patch series, homey translations of New Testament writings. Jordan believed it was necessary not only to translate individual words and phrases, but also the context of Scripture. Thus, Jordan retitled “The Letter to the Christians in .” His translation of Ephesians 2:11-13 is typical:
Along with his rendering of ” and ” as ” and ,” Jordan converted all references to “” into references to “,” believing that no other term was adequate for conveying the sense of the event into a modern American idiom:
The Cotton Patch series used American analogies for places in the New Testament; became , became ( became the ), became , and became .
Jordan’s translations of scripture portions led to the creation of a musical, , telling the life of Jesus Christ using his style and set in Georgia, and incorporating some passages from his translations.[] Habitat for Humanity
In 1965, and Linda Fuller visited Koinonia, planning only to stay for a couple of hours. Inspired by Jordan, however, the Fullers chose to make Koinonia their permanent home in mid-1968. A marital crisis and dissatisfaction with their millionaire lifestyle had earlier persuaded the couple to sell their possessions and seek a life together in Christian service. The Fuller family brought renewed energy to Koinonia. The organization changed its name to Koinonia Partners and started a number of partnership type ventures such as “Partnership Housing,” a project to build and sell quality, affordable homes at cost with a no interest mortgage for low-income area families. The Fullers’ five years at Koinonia followed by three years of building “partnership housing” in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then known as Zaire or Belgian Congo) would eventually lead, in 1976, to the creation of .
Jordan, however, would not live to see the completion of the first house. On October 29, 1969, he died suddenly of a heart attack. As he had requested, Clarence had a simple burial. His body was placed in a shipping crate from a local casket manufacturer and was buried in an unmarked grave on Koinonia property. Jordan’s funeral was attended by his family, the Koinonia partners, and the poor of the community.
“He be gone now,” reflected a neighbor in 1980, “but his footprint still here”.[] Bibliography of Jordan’s writings[] References[] Further reading[] External linksNameJordan, ClarenceAlternative namesShort descriptionDate of birthJuly 29, 1912Place of birthDate of deathOctober 29, 1969Place of death