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Dane Sanzenbacher Jersey Bowl title in 1985

Chicago Bears founder George Halas, who is also the founder of profession Brian Urlacher Jersey al football. His help Under the American Professional Football Association was founded in 1920, and later developed into the NFL. In 1919, the sponsor of a football team was established in Illinois, Decatur (Decatur) named “????? Aires (Decatur Staleys). 1921, the team moved to Chicago to Chicago Stanley Adams (Chicago Staleys). Harless then use $ 100 from the hands of the sponsors bought the team, the team na Matt Forte Jersey me was changed to “bear”. Rugby player than a baseball player strong Chicago city baseball team called “cubs team” logic, then, the football team should be named “Bears”. The Bears won eight NFL champions, and won the first Super Dane Sanzenbacher Jersey Bowl title in 1985. Bears Harless daughter Virginia Mike Caskey (Virginia McCaskey) inheritance, but since 1999 has been run by the president and chai Lance Briggs Jersey rman Ted Phillips (Ted Phillips) to take care of. Team valued at $ 621 million. City team Windy City Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is the largest city in the central United States, but also the economic and cultural center in the central United States. City of Chicago, of course, no shortage of prestigious professional sports teams, such as the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and MLB’s Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, as well as the NFL’s Chicago Bears (Chicago Bears). Bears head coach Ravi – Smith (Lovie Smith), he was Colts coach Dungy’s assistant, but did not allow the ability to now. The Bears defense is the main virtue of the team, while the defense linebacker Brian – E Lake (Brian Urlacher) is undoubtedly the soul of the team. Team coach Ravi – Smith (Lovie Smith): This season, Smith coached the Bears three seasons, his 13 head coach in the history of Chicago. In the three seasons he coached the Bears, the team fundamentally change results from 5 wins and 11 losses to 13 wins, 3 losses, and 2 times the playoffs. Linebacker Bryan – E Lake (Brian Urlacher): 54, born May 25, 1978, 193 cm, 117 kg in 2000, the ninth pick of the draft. Very comprehensive and the players ca Brandon Marshall Jersey n carry to be able to run, seven-year career, the six-time NBA All-Star team and contribute to grapple 1098 (Bears team history records), the 2005 season for the title of the league’s best defensive player. Quarterback Lex – Grau Klinsmann (Rex Grossman): 8 number, was born August 23, 1980, 185 cm, 99 kg, a 2003 Draft pick. The first three years of the four years of his career, just starting 8 times; season be played throughout the season. His role in a long pass, mainly as a complement to the Bears sound assault attack.