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Dangerous Music Unveils ‘DAC-SR’ Surround Converter & Announces Ship Date of ‘Uniswitch’ Module

Additional Switching System options: 6-channel mastering quality DAC for Monitor ST-SR Controller Shown, while ‘Uniswitch’ Ships to Customers 3/15/09

NAMM – Anaheim, CA January 15, 2009 – At the 2009 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Dangerous Music, Inc. is showing their highly anticipated “DAC-SR” 6-channel mastering quality digital-to-analog converter module with digital input switching for their popular Monitor ST/SR 5.1 controller. The Dangerous DAC-SR is the first surround sound option for the Additional Switching System (A.S.S), a 1 RU expansion rack which can house up to two modules with the ability to stack two racks, adding four additional functions, all switchable directly from the ST remote. Dangerous Music also announced that the “Uniswitch” A.S.S. module will be shipping to customers March 15, 2009. The Dangerous Uniswitch is a universal RS232 switcher that has customizable options. The stock version is engineered to control Gefen, Inc. video and Keyboard-Video-Mouse switchers directly from the Monitor ST remote.

“The new 6-channel DAC-SR is the perfect companion to the Monitor ST/SR surround controller for those users who need mastering quality digital-to-analog conversion with digital input source switching integrated into their listening environment,” said Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s Founder. “This way clients have an easy path to creating their own custom controller setups with the Additional Switching System. The stereo DAC-ST module is a huge hit, and we’re about to ship the Uniswitch for handling video source and KVM switching for multiple computer setups in post-production and film scoring facilities. More modules for the expansion rack’s open architecture will be announced in the coming year.”

Providing mastering quality 6-channel D-to-A conversion and digital source switching for a surround Monitor ST-SR setup, the Dangerous DAC-SR option delivers superb multi-channel D-to-A conversion instantly accessed from the Monitor ST/SR remote control. Integrated digital source switching allows the user to monitor all digital sources through the same converters, which is crucial for true A/B listening comparisons, confidence monitoring and level matching. The DAC-SR takes the guesswork out of any digital monitoring in the surround studio. It is easy to compare a mix to any reference source, without the need to factor in differences in level and sound quality that exist when using several different external converters.

Two rear-panel DB-25 digital inputs on the DAC-SR accept AES or SPDIF formats, and two TOSLINK inputs accept optical multi-channel feeds. Input 4 is switchable to accept stereo optical as well. As a truly professional system, DAC-SR can be calibrated to match any chosen studio reference level.

The new Dangerous Uniswitch option provides control of various Gefen, Inc. 4-input by 1-output video and USB switchers directly from the Monitor ST remote. The Uniswitch option puts control at the audio mixing station, where it should be. Paired with the appropriate Gefen component, the new Dangerous Uniswitch option can control and switch between a single display, mouse and keyboard for up to four Mac and/or Windows computers. Or for video post studios Uniswitch can route four HDMI sources to one display, or four DVI sources to one display. To search the list of 4-Input by 1-output Gefen Switchers that the new Dangerous Uniswitch is compatible with visit the Gefen website: Only those with RS232 remote input are accessible via Uniswitch. It is also factory customizable to control any RS232 remote controlled device, such as tape machine transport controls.

The Additional Switching System is sold as a rack/power supply set with one or two user-selected options, each option having a specific price. Users can purchase a single option along with a chassis, then purchase a second option later and self-install that card; or purchase a chassis with two options already installed. Other options currently available include the “DAC-ST,” for 2-channel D-to-A conversion and digital source switching.

Monitor ST-SR — The Monitor ST-SR focuses on solving monitoring problems associated with DAW-based recording and mixing in studio environments not employing a traditional console. The Monitor ST is a remote-control based input source and speaker switcher with integrated cue and talkback systems, including an onboard headphone power amplifier- all in one rack space. The Monitor SR is a companion one-rack space expansion module providing full 5.1 surround monitoring capability. Studios working in stereo can start with the ST and later expand to surround by adding the SR unit with no equipment redundancy or obsolescence. With the cat-5 connected remote control unit, included with the Monitor ST, engineers can configure and control an entire system from the comfort of the studio’s sweet spot.

The suggested retail price of the Dangerous DAC-SR is TBA. The Dangerous Uniswitch has a price of $219 US and 199 Euro.

The suggested retail price for Dangerous Monitor ST is $2199 US and 1700 Euro; and Dangerous Monitor SR surround expander is $1499 US and 1250 Euro.

About Dangerous Music, Inc. — Dangerous Music, Inc. designs and builds products that are indispensable to any DAW-based recording environment. Dangerous Music electronics designer Chris Muth has spent over 20 years working in and designing custom equipment for top recording and mastering studios. Muth and company founder Bob Muller pioneered the concept of the dedicated analog summing buss for digital audio workstations with the Dangerous 2-Bus in 2001. Today the company offers a wide range of products for recording, mastering, mixing and post-production facilities, all designed and built with mastering-quality standards and a practical aesthetic. Key products include the Dangerous 2-Bus and 2-Bus LT, Dangerous Monitor ST-SR and its Additional Switching System expansion units, Dangerous D-Box, Dangerous Master, Dangerous S&M, Dangerous Monitor and Dangerous MQ.

For more information visit phone 607-965-8011 or email: [email protected]