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Miami, FL – July 2009… D.A.S. Audio, a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, digital signal processing, and power amplification for live sound reinforcement, recently experienced overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception to the company’s demonstration room at the 2009 InfoComm convention, held this past June in Orlando, FL. Throughout the three exhibition days, the D.A.S. Audio demonstration room played host to a steady stream of AV system designers, consultants, and installers who were seeking to audition the sound systems in addition to obtaining answers to their questions from the D.A.S. Audio technical staff.

This year’s demonstration room featured D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2, Avant, Variant, and Artec product lines. With each product group, Carlos A. Henao, who oversees Sales and Technical Support for D.A.S. Audio USA, discussed key features, applications, available accessories, and, of course, gave attendees the opportunity to hear the systems as part of his presentation.

“The demo room provided an excellent opportunity for conference attendees to experience, first-hand, the sound quality and build quality of D.A.S. Audio’s product offerings,� said Henao. “Each product line offers numerous advantages that make D.A.S. a tremendous value. From the ease of adjusting the fully captive rigging hardware to fly an Aero system to the fact that the Artec 25 or 26 are equally capable whether positioned vertically or horizontally— thanks to their symmetrical 80-degree horn geometry—the demo room was the perfect venue to show how D.A.S. Audio’s loudspeaker systems can solve a myriad of challenges routinely encountered by today’s audio professional.�

As D.A.S. Audio’s large venue solution, the Aero 2 Series makes a terrific choice for stadiums, arenas, and similar live sound venues. Products demonstrated during InfoComm included the Aero 12A self-powered, 2-way mid-high line array elements, the new large format, 3-way Aero 50 line array modules, and the recently introduced LX-218A powered subwoofer. “For both regional sound operators and the touring companies, D.A.S. Audio’s Aero products make a compelling choice for concert sound and other special events,� explained Henao. “The Aero 50’s and LX218A’s were recently used by Smyrna, TN-based Allstar Audio Systems at the 2009 Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN, where they were extremely well received.�

For musicians and others in search of high performance, portable loudspeaker systems, D.A.S. Audio’s Avant Series were being shown. During this segment of his presentation, Henao demonstrated the Avant 12A powered, 2-way, compact multipurpose enclosure, the Avant 15A powered, full-range loudspeaker system, the Avant 215A powered, full-range system featuring dual 15-inch transducers, and the Avant 18A powered subwoofer. Featuring pole cups for convenient subwoofer/top box portable applications, the Avant Series is the ideal system choice for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications where easy transportation and setup plus clear, powerful sound are essential.

As D.A.S. Audio’s installation line array product group, the Variant Series products made a huge impression with the InfoComm crowd. Henao demonstrated the Variant 25A powered two-way, mid-high system, the Variant 112A powered two-way, full range system, and the Variant 18A powered subwoofer. “These products are specifically engineered for installed sound applications,� explained Henao. “Available in black or white with color options, these systems blend seamlessly into any room. Easy to install, the line is particularly well suited for clubs, theaters, auditoriums, and presentation spaces.�

For those seeking a passive loudspeaker enclosure for use with external power amplification, D.A.S. Audio’s Artec Series was also featured at the D.A.S. demo room. “The Artec 25 and 26 2-way loudspeaker enclosures make an excellent choice for bars, small nightclubs, and similar venues,� said Henao. “For surface mount applications, the available U brackets and accessories make these loudspeakers a perfect fit for a variety of configurations. Whether stand or wall-mounted, the Artec loudspeakers are a great fit for many applications. They reproduce music very well and also deliver a high level of speech intelligibility.�

Reflecting on the activities in the demonstration room and the success of the endeavor, Henao closed by saying, “We are very pleased with the volume of activity we had at the demo room. This was a great opportunity for attendees to get their questions answered, hear the systems, and get a close look at the various accessories available for each product line. Equally important, it was an opportunity for us to build a rapport with our existing customer base and forge new relationships with prospective customers. No matter what system one chooses, D.A.S. Audio’s products represent real value and excellent return on investment. The demonstration room was the right venue to convey that message and, already, we’re starting to see the fruits of our labor with new inquiries.�

About D.A.S. Audio
Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, D.A.S. Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components. For better than thirty years, D.A.S. Audio products have been found on tour with the world’s greatest performing artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. For additional information about the company, visit them online at


Photo info: Image of (from left to right) DAS Audio USA’s Ramón Franco (Latin America Sales and Technical support), Carlos Henao (US Sales and Technical Support), Gonzalo Aguirre (Latin American Sales Manager), and Jaime Villegas (General Manager) at the company’s InfoComm demo room.