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The D.A.S. Road 15A.

Valencia, Spain – February 2011… D.A.S. Audio exhibited the new Roads series stage monitors at the recently concluded ISE in Amsterdam. This was the first European showing of the new products that will replace the SM and SML series stage monitors that have been the mainstays of the D.A.S. product line-up for a number of years.

The new Road series comprises a 12� and a 15� two-way powered stage monitors denominated the Road 12A and the Road 15A respectively. Thanks to their reduced size and low profile design, they help eliminate the visual obstruction between the audience and the artist caused by large, tall monitors. Manufactured in Birch plywood and finished with the durable Iso-Flex paint, they offer a compact and modern cabinet design. The connectors are located underneath the front part of the monitor, protected from breakage and accidental disconnection. Lifting the monitor rearwards allows easy access to connector panel and LED indicators. A clip LED in located underneath the front grille providing the monitor engineer with a clip indication that can be easily seen.

The monitors incorporate the latest in Class D power amplification and a switch mode power supply (SMPS). The amplifier offers 550 W for the low frequency way and 220 W for the highs. The signal processing is handled in the digital domain with an advanced DSP that includes FIR filters for constant phase response. Two EQ presets are available, “Monitor� and “Main�, which adjusts the frequency response for use on a pole mount as a “multipurpose� box.

The loudspeakers used in the Road series are equipped with neodymium magnet assemblies, providing for a smaller and lighter loudspeaker, ultimately making the monitor easier to handle. High frequency reproduction relies on the exceptional characteristics of the new D.A.S. M-75N neodymium compression driver designed for use in applications where high SPL and low distortion are required. A pure titanium diaphragm featuring a 75 mm copper-clad, aluminium flat-wire voice coil yields high sensitivity, low distortion and extended frequency response. Each motor system has a copper shorting

ring surrounding the pole piece which effectively reduces eddy current induced distortion with the added benefit of increasing the very high frequency output by reducing the inductive rise of the voice coil. The driver is attached to a new 40ºH x 60ºV horn providing controlled dispersion..

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