Dave Pensado Chooses Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Workstation

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– Dave Pensado, multi-award-winning engineer and co-host of acclaimed educational web series Pensado's Place, recognizes the sonic advantage and visual impact of the new Carl Tatz Edition™ Dual 15-800 workstation by Argosy Console –
– Console reflections present frequency response anomalies due to the dual path of direct vs. reflected audio bouncing off the console surface, creating a delay, and hence comb-filtering, resulting in various frequency dips at the listening position. Any way that this phenomenon can be attenuated is of great value. The Carl Tatz Edition™ Dual 15-800 workstation's architecture has been proven to be very effective in minimizing these reflections in dozens of CTD PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) installations, improving the performance of any monitor. Also, the Carl Tatz Edition is quite beautiful, with its richly flamed mahogany surface creating an impressive statement for any control room –

Nashville, TN: GRAMMY®-winning engineer Dave Pensado has installed the new Carl Tatz Editon™ Argosy Dual 15-800 workstation in his mix room at The Fab Factory Studio D in Los Angeles. After researching other offerings, Pensado made his selection based on the Carl Tatz Edition Argosy Dual 15-800's ability to minimize reflections (and hence frequency dips at the listening position) and its stellar track record with Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus™ installations. However, he was still concerned about how the console might negatively affect the monitor performance in his studio. As you will see in this video, the opposite became the reality. In the video, Pensado comments, “It’s more than a piece of furniture – it actually helps me make better records.” “It’s very gratifying to have someone of Dave’s caliber recognize our product offerings, and we're very happy that the Argosy Carl Tatz Edition Dual 15-800 has found a new home at the Fab Factory Studio D,” comments Carl Tatz. Pensado, along with creator and co-host of Pensado's Place Herb Trawick, has created a powerful forum that has been nurturing and enriching the pro audio community for several years now. The team shows no signs of stopping, as they prepare to unveil Pensado's Village in the near future. (Details coming soon.) Video: https://youtu.be/xwZbL7ldbVI
Video Caption: Watch video of Dave Pensado talking about his Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Dual 15-800 workstation, available in four different models at shop.carltatzdesign.com.