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Duality Satisfies Client Demand for Large Format Sessions at Central London Studio

LONDON, UK – Dean St. Studios has installed a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console in Studio 1. Carrying on the creative tradition of this famous space (formerly industry legend Tony Visconti’s Good Earth Studios and creative home for David Bowie and T. Rex), Duality compliments the stunning acoustic design by world famous Eddie Veale and the creative talents of the Dean St. team.

To meet increased client demand for large format sessions, Duality replaces a 24-channel SSL AWS 900+ SE that successfully set the quality pace for Studio 1 when the new owners took over the building and opened Dean St. Studios in 2007. Duality builds on their commercial success with the AWS by delivering more channels, more mic pre’s, more processing, more control… more of what is needed to take larger scale recording projects from capture to mix for Dean St.

“We are a five room facility that is growing in leaps and bounds,� says Jasmin Lee, co-owner of Dean St. Studios. “The sessions we were booking required a large format console for both recording and mixing and, while we looked at other consoles, Duality was the best for our needs. Before Duality, we found that sometimes our clients would track with us and mix elsewhere. Ever since we installed Duality, our clients have been even more eager than ever to complete their projects with us – top to bottom.�

One of the prime goals of Dean St. Studios, according to Lee, is to present the artist with a true creative environment that offers all the amenities of a high spec studio, while having a place where, “Musicians can drop in and hang out and just kind of have that really nice creative sense. That is what I want for here. Duality has definitely helped produce that vibe because the console looks and sounds amazing. Because of Duality, we’ve attracted a lot more mainstream people. They are very keen to come and work here. The room seems to just breathe more with that console in there.�

The Dean St. space has a rich history of recording some of the most influential groups in music. In addition to David Bowie and T. Rex, Good Earth Studios was host to U2 and The Moody Blues, to name a few. In the 1990’s and through the turn of the century under the studio name Joe & Co, such notables as Chrissie Hynde, Bruce Hornsby and British music legend Cliff Richard enjoyed the creative energy in the space.

In addition to providing the right creative atmosphere Dean St. Studios is equipped to provide the highest quality recording and processing technology and a broad palette of tonal character. A collection of classic microphones, beautiful vintage instruments and boutique outboard processing hardware is now joined by the additional processing options and tonal range that Duality provides.

Says co-owner and engineer Ben Roulston, “The Duality VHD mic’ pres let me add a controlled amount of dirt and grit on, say, a vocal or guitar if the track is sounding too clean in the mix. The preamp gives you control of second and third harmonic distortion, so it presents quite a lot of options. I used to go outboard for dynamics processing, but with Duality, I find myself staying inboard and only using outboard gear for a particular coloration. I think SSL has hit the nail on the head. Duality is a modern desk for modern times. Times are changing rapidly, budgets are lower and our clients need things done quickly with the same quality as in the past. Duality provides that service.�

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