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Delta H Design Inc. Announces Affinity by Luna Textiles

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ welcomes Affinity by Luna to our lineage of elegant, acoustically transparent textiles. 

Affinity’s wave-like texture and aesthetic design aligns with DHDI’s ethos that “Everything we design must Sound Beautiful & Look Beautiful”. It has a dynamic, vibrant sense of movement, evoking images of sound waves. Luna’s innovative sense of design fluidly creates an integration of beauty and function. Available in seven (7) various colors, Affinity is currently available for use across the entire line of ZR Acoustics® Quantum Devices. 

DHDI’s wide selection of textiles and colors creates thousands of options for customizing ZR Micro and ZR Hybrid devices. Every fabric is hand selected for it’s visual elegance and acoustical transparency. Affinity is the latest addition to DHDI’s wide variety of textile options for ZR Micro and Hybrid devices. 

Luna Textiles has over 20 years of experience in commercial interiors, offering high-quality fabrics in a wide variety of colors. Designed by architects for architects, Luna has been deeply rooted in the architectural and interior design fields throughout its illustrious history.

ZR Acoustics® and it’s associated line of products create Life-Like Imaging, Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots & Micro-Dynamic Clarity. Easy to set up, lightweight & portable, ZR devices provide artists and producers the freedom and versatility to write, record, mix and master Anywhere, Anytime.

ZR Micro and Hybrid Features and Benefits:

  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Life-Life Imaging
  • Acoustical Cloaking
  • Extraordinary Definition and Clarity
  • Immersive Sound
  • Wall to Wall Sweet Spots
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles and Colors
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ NPS/ft.2 = Hundreds of Non-Parallel surfaces in every square foot.
  • Easy to Setup, Lightweight, Transportable, Reusable

 “Affinity is ingenious. It’s visual kinesthetic texturing, reminiscence of sound waves, bring a sense of movement to the visual component of ZR. Its acoustically neutral characteristics allow our high resolution Quantum Acoustics™ Technology to perform unimpeded. We have had a very positive reaction to this new Luna Affinity textile. Everyone is taken by the look of it.”– Hanson Hsu | Principal Quantum Acoustician at DHDI

Watch ZR Live! online at For more information regarding ZR Acoustics® Quantum Devices visit DHDI website at or contact DHDI directly at [email protected]. All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.