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Delta H Design Inc. Announces New ZR Live! Series | A-B Comparison Recordings initially featuring Nick Mancini

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces a new series of ZR Live! Recordings. The series is an ongoing set of A-B comparisons, acoustically revealing the Life-Like Imaging, Clarity, and Low Frequency Definition when using ZR Acoustics®, versus the muddiness, reverberation and echo without ZR Acoustics®.

In every video, the artist performs the exact same piece twice, once with a ZR Pop-Up Studio and once without the ZR Pop-Up Studio. All audio and video settings are identical in both A and B recordings; from microphone position & mic pre levels to mixes and Pro-tools fader settings. No plug-ins, effects or reverbs are used in the mix or during the recording. The first of the A-B comparison series features the nuances and subtleties of the vibraphone, starring Nick Mancini performing 4 solo pieces. 

ZR Live! features live musicians performing in a ZR Pop Up Studio designed for commercial or residential use. They are highly effective in both professional studios as well as home studios and can quickly & inexpensively, acoustically cloak any space, rending the space inaudible. Life-Like Imaging, Extraordinary Dimensionality and Wall-to-Wall sweet spots with Immersive Sound are iconic ZR Acoustics® characteristics.

ZR Pop-Up Studios are pre-designed portable recording studios using ZR Micro Screen Technology. Easy to setup, lightweight, flexible and thin. Quantum Acoustics™ devices are applicable anywhere good sound is important: Studios, Live Music Events, Production Sound, Portable ADR, Voice-overs, Music Festivals and many more. World-Class Recordings and Control Room environments anywhere, any space, any time.

ZR Live! Pop-Up Studio Features and Benefits:

  • Portable Mastering Quality Acoustics
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre- Approved Acoustical Textiles
  • Life-Like Imaging, Clarity & Definition
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ NPS/ft.2 = Hundreds of Non-Parallel surfaces in every square foot.
  • Easy to Setup, Lightweight & Ultra-Thin
  • Quantum Acoustics™ Technology

 “It was amazing how one inch of ZR Screens could make my vibes sound so clear and tight. The image is incredibly clear and defined, the low end realistic and focused with no sign of the room’s normally long reverb. Then to hear it without ZR, it was all muddy and reverberant. Then the recording was so dramatically different and real with ZR! Really fantastic!” – Nick Mancini | Vibraphonist

“There’s been a huge amount of requests and curiosity from around the globe to hear A-B Comparisons to show what ZR can do. Despite the obvious challenges of making identical recordings in a residential space and the differences in sound between experiencing acoustics Live in Person vs. in a Recorded Medium, we’re excited to be able to provide these new videos with such talented artists, to help show how ZR can make everyone’s life sound better with Quantum Acoustics.”– Hanson Hsu | Principal Quantum Acoustician at DHDI

Watch ZR Live! online at For more information regarding ZR Acoustics® Quantum Devices visit DHDI website at or contact DHDI directly at All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.