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Delta H Design Inc. Announces the Launch of Profiles on

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI), the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces the launch of their web series DHDI | Profiles on and YouTube.

The launch of DHDI | Profiles gives viewers the chance to meet some of DHDI’s clientele, ranging from artists, audio engineers, producers, film mixers, composers, and the every day audiophile. The Profiles series conducts one-on-one interviews with clients discussing questions on career, passion, background, and their experience with ZR Acoustics. The first of the DHDI | Profiles series is Billy Klein, owner of Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, CA. You can watch the first installment of Profiles here:

“Very excited to give our clients a platform to discuss their passion, creativity and businesses. DHDI | Profiles is about the future of the industry, combing technology and art to create content in music, film, and architecture. Billy Klein is a unique individual with a unique business model in a part of the world that has many talented musicians and artists.”

Hanson Hsu – CEO and Principal Acoustician at DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc.

ZR Acoustics devices are legendary for creating Acoustical Cloaking, Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots, Extraordinary Definition and Clarity. DHDI’s ZR devices deliver Extreme Acoustic Resolution and produce Mastering Quality. Anywhere. Anytime.

ZR Acoustics Features and Benefits:

· Quantum AcousticsTechnology

· Life-Life Imaging

· Acoustical Cloaking

· Micro Dynamic Clarity

· Immersive Sound

· Extraordinary Dimensionality

· Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots

· Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles and Colors

· Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ to 450+NPS/ft = Hundreds of Non-Parallel surfaces in every square foot.

· Easy to Setup, Lightweight, Transportable, Reusable. Anywhere, Anytime.

To experience ZR Acoustics online please see ZR Live! at For more information on ZR Acoustics® visit DHDI website at or contact DHDI directly at [email protected]. All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.