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Delta H Design, Inc.(DHDI) Announces ZR Acoustics® at United Recording’s Mastering Suite

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the home of Quantum AcousticsTM announces the use of Zero Reflection Technology at United Recording Studios’ Re-Envisioned Mastering Suite. Renovated with ZR Acoustics® Quantum Devices, the new Mastering Suite reopened in September 2016. 

“The ZR Installation made such a noticeable improvement. Subtle changes in EQ and processing are now clear and distinct” –Erick Labson, Sr. Mastering Engineer and Grammy Award Winner (previously of Universal Mastering, Studio B, a ZR Acoustics® Permanent Construction Virtuoso Grade Studio).

“We knew we had a good sounding room but Hanson and his team at DHDI were able to correct many of the issues that presented themselves once our new mastering setup was in place. The difference in the detail is very apparent.” –Rob Goodchild, Studio Manager at United Recording.

United Recording was founded in 1957 by the legendary Recording Engineer and Electronics Inventor Bill Putnam with the backing of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Acquired and renamed Ocean Way Recording in 1977, and again in 2013 by Hudson Pacific Properties and re-launched under the original name in 2014. The Mastering Suite at United Recording was originally designed and purpose-built for Alan Yoshida and JVC Mastering in 2001, as a modern addition to Bill Putnam’s iconic recording facilities for over a decade before recently being decommissioned in 2013.

United Recording, one of the world’s most recognized music recording studios has more awards than any other recording enterprise:

United Recording Mastering Suite’s ZR Quantum Devices:

• ZR Screens

• ZR SR8+’s

• ZR SR8’s

• ZR SR12’s

• ZR Micro’s

Product Features:

• Extreme Acoustic Resolution

• 450+ NPS/Sq. Ft

• Thin, Easily Tile-able Form Factor:

• Dimensions: 24’’x48’’x1.5’’

• Elegant Aesthetics

• Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles

• Quantum AcousticsTM Technology

• Mastering Quality Acoustics

• Lifelike Acoustical Imaging

• Lightweight, Transportable, Reusable