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Delta H Design | Audiomachine’s New ZR Acoustics Studio

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI), the leader in Quantum Acoustics™, announces the opening of Audiomachine’s new ZR Acoustics Studio.

Designed with 100% coverage, Audiomachine’s Virtuoso grade ZR control room has a native acoustical resolution ranging from 315 to 450+ NPS/ft. Possessing every iconic benefit of quantum acoustics, it is a powerhouse of instruments and DSP. It’s Life-Like Imaging, Immersive Sound and Wall-to-Wall sweet spot encompass a Fazioli 278 – 9’ concert grand piano, a custom Moog synthesizer, a myriad of keyboards, ADAM S5H and Amphion monitors, Logic, Protools and possibly every plug-in known to man.

Originally built by Joe Zawinul of Weather Report, the studio has been the home to Audiomachine since the late 2000’s. The ZR Acoustics remodel allowed the control room to retain 100% of it’s original footprint and floor plan, due to ultra-thin quantum devices and the latest in LED lighting. 4 ZR Ultralight Hybrid screens, create the rear wall of the control room, doubling as acoustic cloaks in the live room during recording sessions. A list of ZR Devices in Audiomachine’s Control Room include:

· SR8+ | Custom SR8+

· SR24 + | Custom SR24+

· ZR Hybrid Ultralight Screens

· SR8 | Custom SR8

· SR24 | Custom SR24

· SR12 | Custom SR12

ZR Acoustics Features + Benefits:

 Quantum Acoustics Technology

· Life-Like Acoustical Imaging

· Wall to Wall Sweet Spots

· Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles

· Simple to Install

· Ultra-thin, Lightweight, and Transportable

· Extreme Acoustics Resolution of up to 9200+ NPS/ft(Non-Parallel Surfaces/ft.)

“The ZR Technology blew me away hearing it the first time. I was very surprised how balanced the entire EQ spectrum was.” – Steffan Koch | Producer & Composer for Audiomachine

“Audiomachine is a rare group, possessing both compositional and audio engineering talents. They have a clear vision, a high bar for quality of their music, and an ongoing drive for improvement, growth and learning. We were delighted to give them an acoustical space with the freedom to track, mix and master at the highest levels of performance. Architecturally, ZR technology made it possible to retain the existing floor plan with no loss of space while matching the acoustics to their high standards of excellence.”

Hanson Hsu – CEO and Principal Acoustician at DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc.

To experience ZR Acoustics online please see ZR Live! For more information on ZR Acoustics devices see ZR Products or contact DHDI directly. All ZR Acoustics Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.