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In Development for Over Ten Years – ImmersAV Technology is Now Ready for Prime Time

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: This year ImmersAV (pronounced im.mer.sav) Technology was invited to participate in AXPONA, Audio Con 2015 in Chicago. This annual event features an exhibition of high-fidelity

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: This year ImmersAV (pronounced im.mer.sav) Technology was invited to participate in AXPONA, Audio Con 2015 in Chicago. This annual event features an exhibition of high-fidelity, high-end audio products for the casual music lover up to the serious audiophile. A major feature of the show was the Headphone Expo, where attendees could audition headphones products from major manufactures. At this year’s conference, ImmersAV Technology produced a live jazz quartet concert – John Moulder & Friends – featuring a number of Chicago’s greatest performing artists. The concert was free for all attendees of the show. This concert gave ImmersAV Technology an excellent opportunity to showcase their proprietary and patented recording and Binaural Crosstalk Cancellation (CTC) filter technology. Concert attendees were able to switch between the live performance and the ImmersAV audio mix while seated in the audience. A high performance Sennheiser wireless headphone system was provided for all attendees. Casual music fans and audiophiles alike enjoyed the performance, paying special attention to this unique sound presentation that many said, “Made us feel like we were literally standing right among the musicians.”

The John Moulder & Friends recording is now available for purchase as a download ($25) or on a USB memory stick ($30). For details go to The production includes four versions of each of four songs; a 24/96kHz high-resolution headphone and loudspeaker version with 1080p HD Video, and a 320 kb/s AAC headphone and loudspeaker version with 720p HD Video. The loudspeaker versions, processed with precision 24-bit, 96kHz HRTF-based Crosstalk Cancellation Filters, are for traditional two-speaker stereo listening with spatial audio matching the headphone spatial experience. The 320 kb/s AAC versions are for convenient viewing on smart phones and tablet computers.

Audio pioneer and Engineering Producer, Robert Schulein along with Signal-Processing Researcher/Designer, Dan Mapes-Riordan, founded ImmersAV Technology in 2010. Their objective was to create a practical 3-D immersive audio/visual experience for consumers for enjoyment on the most common forms of playback technology – headphones and traditional stereo loudspeakers. To make this happen new production tools and recording techniques were developed. Productions using ImmersAV Technology can be found on our YouTube channel: as well as technical and support information on our website at:

Unique to the new technology and know-how involved in creating these productions, no additional audio/video product purchases for consumers are necessary. The playback quality goes up with the quality of the playback equipment. We believe that we have achieved our goal of offering a true “You are there” audio/visual, immersive playback experience.

Engineers have been working on the optimization of acoustic crosstalk filters for loudspeakers since the mid 1960s, but we believe that we have reached a degree of perfection never heard before using proprietary DSP techniques, refined by our ability to compare loudspeaker playback with our original binaural headphone productions.

Founded in 2010 ImmersAV™ Technology began with the goal of providing consumers with a “You Are There” immersive entertainment experience using innovative microphone production and signal processing techniques. These techniques use patented microphone technology and proprietary ImmersAV Crosstalk Cancellation (CTC) filters.

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