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Devon Allman and Honeytribe at Ardent in Memphis

Pictured at Ardent Studios in Memphis are (L-R) Devon Allman and engineer/co-producer Pete Matthews. Photo by Nicole Robbins.

Huey Lewis Adds Harp to “Space Age Blues”

Devon Allman, son of iconic Greg Allman, and his band Honeytribe took over Studio C at the renowned Ardent Studios in Memphis. To create the atmosphere for the new album, “Space Age Blues,” Allman decorated the studio with rocket ship lighting, sci-fi film posters, and had all musicians don real NASA spacesuits.

Pete Matthews and Allman co-produced, with Matthews engineering and mixing. Allman played all guitars and sang all vocals, with George Potsos on bass and Gabriel Strange on drums. Additional musicians included Ron Holloway on saxophone, Tony Antonelli on percussion, Rick Steff at the keyboards, Bobby Yang on strings, and Huey Lewis adding his indelible harmonica touch.

Huey Lewis was in Studio A recording with his band The News, tracking their first studio album since 2001’s “Plan B”. When Lewis overheard what was happening in Studio C, he offered to lay down some harp on the record. This type of Ardent creative cross-pollination has been a hallmark of the studio’s activities for more than 40 years.

Allman and his group then moved to Studio B to mix and have since finished the album, after spending a total of six weeks in the Ardent Studios. “Space Age Blues” is due out in June.

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