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DHDI Announces the ZR Pop-Up Studio

Contact Information:

DHDI | Delta H Design Inc.

13900 Marquesas Way #6005

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Office: 310.581.2331

DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc. Announces the ZR Pop-Up Studio


[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™, announces ZR Pop-Up Studios, pre-designed portable recording studios using Quantum Acoustics™ ZR Micro Technology.  Easy to setup, lightweight and thin, ZR Pop-Up Studios are made up of multiple ZR Screens hung on stands or trusses.  They create the same iconic Life-Like Acoustical Imaging well known to ZR Acoustics®.

ZR Pop-Up Studios are groups of ZR Screens specifically designed to interact in a quantum fashion to create extraordinary Definition and Clarity in Recording and Control Room environments.  World-Class Recording and Control Room environments Anywhere, Any Space, Anytime.  ZR Screens, a ZR Micro product, are miniaturized versions of ZR Permanent Construction used at Universal Mastering Studios in Los Angeles; a 7-room ZR facility owned and operated by the world’s largest music company.  They are flexible, incredibly thin (1’’), and cover a large area (52” x 96”). Custom ZR Pop-Up Studios are available upon request as ZR Screens are configurable in an infinite number of combinations.   Custom Designs are tailored to a room’s unique characteristics for ultimate performance.

ZR Pop-Up Studios are applicable anywhere critical acoustics are required such as Live Music Events, Concert Venues, Opera Halls, Symphony Halls, Production Sound, Portable ADR, Voice-overs, Live Recording, Music Festivals and many more.  Recordings and videos captured in ZR Pop-Up Studios are available online at ZR Live!

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable Mastering Quality Acoustics
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles
  • Life-Like Acoustical Imaging, Clarity and Extraordinary Definition
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 100+ NPS/ft.2
  • Easy Setup, Lightweight, Ultra-Thin
  • Quantum Acoustics™ Technology

ZR Pop-Up Studios are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers.  Contact DHDI for more details and purchasing.  See ZR Live! videos on YouTube and contact for private invitation to the events.

DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc.                (310) 581-2331