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DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc. Announces CEO and Founder Hanson Hsu is in collaboration with Hyperloop™ Transportation Technologies (HTT)

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces Hyperloop™ Transportation Technologies (HTT) has invited Hanson Hsu, Founder and CEO of DHDI, to design and integrate ZR Acoustics Quantum Technology into their high speed capsules and stations.  The Hyperloop concept is the brainchild of Elon Musk and has been called the “5th mode of transportation”.  Spearheaded by CEO Dirk Ahlborn, and Chief Officer Bibop Gresta, HTT is the industry leader in turning Musk’s Hyperloop concept into a reality.  

The core concept of HTT is a passenger capsule moving at Mach 1 (760 mph), dramatically increasing performance and reducing transportation times.  The capsule hovers inside a tube with low air pressure, like an airplane in high altitude, generating less resistance, and allowing for high speeds with very little energy consumption.  Initially, HTT is building a five-mile test track in Quay Valley, Calif., a start-up city between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Globally, HTT envisions international networks of lines connecting every major metropolitan region in point-to-point service.

Principal Quantum Acoustician at DHDI, Hanson Hsu is working with HTT to incorporate Quantum Acoustics™ and ZR Technology into the acoustic signature of the capsule as well as the Hyperloop stations.  In addition, cutting-edge ZR Isolation Technology is being applied to create a quiet, relaxing, and comfortable ride by vibrationally isolating the propulsion system from the capsule.

ZR Acoustics Features:

  • Quantum Acoustics Technology
  • Life-Like Acoustical Imaging
  • Mastering Quality Acoustics
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 

    140-450+ NPS/Square Foot

  • Modern, Stylish Aesthetics

More info about Hyperloop can be found on their website For more information about ZR Acoustics©, Quantum Acoustics™, and the ZR Product line, contact DHDI at [email protected].