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Don’t let independent become isolated

“Don’t let independent become isolated” this sentence philosophical life maxim mantra, thanks to their stay up late watching the gold medal mediation “, to have the opportunity to live this sentence rare truth. Louis vuitton outlet

B: yeah, and then did it ever be not the independent as isolated, every day is constantly busy, busy solitary, side had any interesting thing, doubt what fresh business, their total ignorance, so that there is some notice, oneself also can often miss, people around him to see their eyes is also like to see the alien, occasionally still back words let oneself think sarcastic words, isolated, and thought is will be less, but, on the but generated, the other people talk about the number of land should also be much now. Of course this is only his personal guess, also perhaps themselves and not so important, perhaps people around him not so gossip, but his isolated themselves and become for people not enough trust it. Louis vuitton outlet store

LKN20121023LKN Everything is phase do, do not want to so many, the heart feel should be like this: help side I can help people, achievement side can accomplish, transformation side can change bureau of…

Maybe you should have such thoughts, so that their can’t certain things, whether it is their own or others, will extremely sad, remember colleagues try to tell me: don’t oneself as omnipotent. Yes, it can’t put their as homo habilis, to tell the truth, I dozen the in the mind never think of yourself as homo habilis, just for his feel incompetent, but can believe that make up for lack of, so, everything all want to start first, want to in time more than others, the countermeasures on technology is inferior to a person, the only the early bird catches the