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DPA Microphones Gets High Marks at Berklee College of Music

Prestigious Music School Relies on Company’s d:dicate Microphones for a Variety of Music Production and Engineering Classes

BOSTON, JUNE 26, 2013 – Berklee College of Music is famous for providing its students with a premier musical education. So when professors in the school’s Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) department decided to outfit its microphone lockers, they sought equally top-of-the-line recording technologies. For that reason, they selected a variety of DPA Microphones from the company’s d:dicate Recording Microphone line, including the 4006 and 4007 Omnidirectional Mics and 4011 Cardioid Mics.

Rob Jaczko, chairman of Berklee’s Music Production and Engineering department, in Studio A placing a DPA 5100 Surround Mic and three DPA 4011 mics at left right and center on the piano, along with a pair of DPA 3521 mics inside the instrument.

Having the advantage of Berklee’s musical community of more than 4,500 hand-picked musicians to refine their engineering skills, MP&E students spend an enormous amount of time learning the ins and outs of the studio. The existing 13 studios serve as classrooms by day and become entirely student driven for recording, engineering and production projects after regular class hours. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. weekdays, and 22 hours per day on the weekends, students make critical decision to sculpt their productions. Critical to the creation of these world-class recordings is the microphone selection and ideal position of the gear. DPA mics are always part of that equation.

“At Berklee, we believe in using only definitive tools,” says Rob Jaczko, chairman of MP&E. “As such, we have long been fans of DPA Microphones. The quality, fidelity, and musicality of a microphone are key components of a recording. That’s why it was important for us to represent the DPA brand to students as we teach them the craft of music production and engineering. DPA features prominently in our choice of microphones. We use many of the company’s d:dicate microphones in our studios and recently put together a surround recording package with the 5100 multi-channel microphone for location and orchestral work.”

With the construction of 10 new studios, including scoring and film-dub stages, currently underway in Boston, Berklee also recently opened a campus with five studios in Valencia, Spain. This campus will offer master’s degree programs and study abroad opportunities for undergraduates. Berklee plans to add even more of the d:dicate microphones to its mic lockers on both continents.

“Choosing DPA Microphones was an ideal solution for the school, the students, and for me personally,” explains Jaczko. “Not only am I the Chair of the department, but I am principally a recording engineer. We wanted to make sure the students have the opportunity to hear the quality of the DPA mics, which set the benchmark for superior audio. When we make equipment choices, no matter what type, it’s based on selecting only industry-standard, signature tools that will provide a sense of familiarity for the students as they join the professional engineering world after graduation. DPA is part of that standard.”

DPA Microphones’ d:dicate mics build on the company’s reputation for clear, transparent and precise sound. It consists of the interchangeable 4006 omnidirectional, 4011 cardioid, 4015 wide cardioid and 4017 shotgun microphone capsules. The school also relies on DPA’s MMP-A transformerless preamp with active drive for impedance balancing, the MMP-B preamp with low cut and high boost filters and the 45 mm compact MMP-C preamp. These 4000 series mics and preamps offer increased flexibility and sound quality at a cost-effective price point. With such a wide selection of mic capsules and preamps available, customers can select between different combinations depending on the performance demands.

Located in Boston, Berklee College of Music has been the world’s leading contemporary music education institution since 1945. With the recent launch of its new campus in Valencia, the school has further broadened its reach into the global market. The MP&E major has been a highly sought after part of the College’s curriculum for 30 years. Alumni of the program have been recognized with scores of Grammy, Oscar and Emmy awards for their world-class talents.