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D.W.Fearn To Debut New Vacuum Mic-Pre VT-12 at AES

Vacuum mic-pre to debut at AES

Well, the rumors that have been circulating the business for a while now have been proven correct as world-renowned audio technology innovator – D.W. Fearn announce that they will be debuting their newest addition to the Red family of products at AES 2010 in San Francisco from November 4th to 8th (Booth 620)

The D.W.Fearn VT-12 Vacuum Tube 70dB Microphone Pre-amp is designed to accommodate the low output level of ribbon and dynamic microphones. It can also be used with condenser microphones (D.W.Fearn’s existing VT-1 and VT-2 Vacuum Tube Mic Pre-Amps are optimized for condensers.)

To make the VT-12 more versatile, a provision for phantom powering condenser microphones is included. But since many engineers are concerned about possible damage to ribbon mics if phantom power is accidently applied, the VT-12 has a rear panel switch that disables all possibility of applying phantom power.

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