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Earth Day 2024: Focusrite Group’s continued commitment to decarbonization

Los Angeles, CA – This Earth Day, Focusrite Group is proud to announce that it has achieved the prestigious Ecologi “For Our Planet” Gold Award and has committed to setting science-based emission reduction targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), underscoring its dedicated efforts towards sustainability and climate action.

In the past year, The Focusrite Group has calculated its environmental footprint down to individual component level on products and communicated transparently about its emissions in their first Environment and Climate Report published last year. This has established a solid baseline for how the Group will decarbonize moving forward. This steadfast commitment to the environment has led to the Group being honored with the Ecologi “For Our Planet” Gold Award, signifying its successful reporting, target setting, decarbonization work, and substantial funding of climate action projects.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Focusrite Group as one of their sustainability partners, aiding their support for a portfolio of high-quality, validated climate projects from around the world,” says Joshua Price, Key Account Manager at Ecologi. “Additionally, it is our pleasure to honor them with a gold award in the ‘For Our Planet’ awards. Focusrite Group is advancing impressively towards net zero through ambitious emissions reduction goals and a robust net-zero strategy.”

Furthermore, Focusrite Group has responded to the urgent call for corporate climate action by committing to align with the 1.5°C and net-zero targets through the “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” campaign. “The Focusrite Group has committed to set near-term and net-zero company-wide emission reductions in line with climate science with the SBTi,” states the Group proudly, with work underway to develop near-term and net-zero targets to be submitted for validation within 24 months.

“Aligning the Focusrite Group with this effort has been a key part of our environmental strategy,” says Andy Land, Global Head of Sustainability at Focusrite Group. “We started by looking at our internal operations, then our products, and now how we fit within our industry and beyond.”

“By committing to setting science-based targets for decarbonization we are following the latest climate science and plan to publish our ambitious targets in full. These will include annual reduction goals, ultimately forecast towards achieving net-zero emissions as early as possible.

However, any actions we take on our own will not prevent global temperature rises, so we call on other companies to take the same action by committing to science-based 1.5°C and net-zero targets.”

The SBTi, a corporate climate action organization with notable partners such as CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, and WWF, provides the standards and tools for companies to set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets in line with the latest climate science. Focusrite Group aligns with this mission, aiming to play a vital role in limiting global heating and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Focusrite Group encourages other companies to join in this imperative endeavor by also committing to science-based 1.5°C and net-zero targets, reinforcing the collective call for a sustainable and equitable future.

For more information about the Science Based Targets initiative, please visit or follow @sciencetargets.

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