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Earthworks Introduces FlexWandTM High Definition MicrophoneTM, with Integrated Stand and Boom

Milford, NH, December 16, 2008–Earthworks, manufacturer of High Definition MicrophonesTM, announced that its FlexWandTM High Definition MicrophoneTM is now shipping to retail outlets and sound contractors on a worldwide basis. The FlexWandTMmakes its debut following the highly successful introduction of the PianoMicTM System, winner of multiple industry awards including the prestigious Mix Foundation’s TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement.

The FlexWandTM, which consists of a fully integrated small diaphragm condenser microphone stand and boom, is a sonically superior microphone solution that was originally designed for choral miking applications. The microphone capsule has a frequency response of 30Hz to 30kHz and can handle up to 145 dB SPL, (comparable in performance to an Earthworks SR30) and is available in both cardioid and hypercardioid patterns.

The FlexWandTM boasts a sleek, low profile design with no visible wires above floor level. The flex mid-section and mini gooseneck on the wand allow the mic to be easily positioned between 1.5 ft. to 7 ft. above floor level. While the FlexWandTM was conceived for choral miking applications, it is also capable of delivering outstanding results on a variety of other sources such as acoustic instruments, drums and podium speech.

Larry Blakely, director of product development for Earthworks, commented: “Our FlexWand is another example of how Earthworks listens to its customers and responds by developing products that are nothing short of revolutionary. We are finding more and more ways to incorporate High Definition MicrophoneTM technologies into superior audio products.”

“Conventional microphones, booms and stands with dangling cables in front of musical performers is most often unsightly,” he continued. “The FlexWandTM resolves these issues in one elegant, integrated product that sounds extraordinary and is visually appealing. The FlexWandTM makes it nearly effortless to capture sonic excellence in choral performances, while completely removing the hassle of set up and negative visual factors.”

The FlexWandTM can deliver much higher quality with far more detail than conventional microphones. This is in addition to the added benefits of near-perfect polar response, improved gain before feedback and high rejection of sounds from the rear of the microphone. Its near perfect polar response can cover an 80-person chorus with just three mics, with no section or voices protruding unnaturally. The high rejection of sound sources at the rear of the microphone has obvious advantages in live settings or where instrument bleed may be a concern.

Franklin Denham, Minister of Music at Meridian, Mississippi’s Highland Baptist Church, commented, “During the past year, we have had the privilege of testing Earthwork’s FlexWandTM microphones on our church choir. Almost immediately following our initial performances with the mics, several members of our congregation began complementing us on the improvement in choir sound quality. The FlexWands are nearly invisible from the congregation; they are easy to set up, discreet and deliver an incredible sound. Having used the FlexWands, we found that we could not get along without them. So, we now have our own FlexWands that make an incredible audible improvement in our choir performances.”