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Adds Big Band Sound with Easy-to-layer Brass Sections

ANAHEIM, CA, JANUARY 26, 2009 – EASTWEST, exclusive US distributor of Best Service products, featured the latest collection by leading producer Chris Hein, Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 – Section Horns, at NAMM 2009. The perfect companion to Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1 (version 1.5) the new library looks to expand on the previous solo collections and offers 10 section combinations in addition to 17 solo instruments, perfect for a variety of musical genres including pop, jazz, funk and big-band.

With more than 34,000 samples of alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, tenor trombone, and bass trombone, the instruments of Vol. 2 are equipped with the right size of clarity to produce brass sections for a small funk group or a complete band. The easy-to-use interface allows for all instruments to be effortlessly combined into small or large sections, making it easy to achieve that big brass sound.

Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 features different legato and play mode features to allow for realistic note transitions. To achieve the feeling of a live performance, the collection offers key-vibrato, hotkeys and the revolutionary new key-switch concept. In addition to the regular effect selection, Hein along with Sonic-Lab, the developer of Halls of Fame, has added 21 high-end Impulse Responses for the convolution reverb in Kontakt Player 2, for sax and brass instruments. All the instruments featured in the collection have been played by Cologne Germany’s famous WDR Big Band members with performances of up to eight velocities and 20 articulations per note, yielding a large range of tone and variation.

“The trick to achieving the level of realism that you hear in Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 was to record the lead trumpet first and have all the other musicians play their parts while listening to the trumpet guide track,� explains Hein. “This allowed each musician to adjust their playing in terms of sound, phrasing and tuning to the lead trumpet just like in a real life situation, ensuring not only that all the falls and crescendos are in sync but also that the overall sound is much more realistic and powerful.�

“Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2. is just the extension you need to Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1, version 1.5,� says Doug Rogers, founder and CEO of EASTWEST. “While Vol. 1 (version 1.5) was designed for solo performances, Vol. 2 is focused on section playing, providing producers with all the tools necessary to create a great, full brass production.�

Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 – Section Horns is available as a separate collection and retails for $449.95. The collection will also be available as a bundle version with Vol. 1 (version 1.5) for $549.95. Current registered users of Vol. 1 (version 1.5) are eligible for reduced crossgrade to Vol. 2 retailing for $279.95. For more information, visit the EASTWEST website,

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