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HOLLYWOOD, SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 – Composers and musicians everywhere have something new to sing about. EASTWEST, exclusive distributor of Zero-G products, has announced the release of the company’s new Vocal Foundry collection.

Produced by Xfonic, the creators of the best-selling sample library Vocal Forge, this follow-up collection surpasses the original in both quality and diversity. Designed for all genres of music, Vocal Foundry boasts 700 patches and over 850 samples of original vocal materials, which are completely royalty free.

In addition to the usual array of pop, dance and urban music Vocal Foundry offers folk, down tempo, R&B and grime vocals. The collection also features a Vocal Toolbox, which includes gothic stacks, mashed vocals, retro human beatbox loops, vintage scratches, Spanish quartets and simulated radio samples.

“In Vocal Foundry’s sound library, there is something for everyone,� says Doug Rogers, president and CEO of EASTWEST. “The high level craftsmanship and quality of the material along with the variety of genres the collection covers makes this a must for any composer.�

The collection is available in the following formats: Acidâ„¢WAV, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and Reason NN-XT. Vocal Foundry will retail for $159.95. For more information, visit the EASTWEST website,

About Zero-G
Zero-G is one of the world’s largest content providers specializing in music samples and sound effects for today’s professional and amateur music producers. Users of Zero-G products include many of the world’s foremost recording artists, producers, session players, remixers, multi-media developers and film composers. The company’s products are truly unique and are among the most critically-acclaimed in the industry, consistently achieving excellent reviews in leading magazines. Zero-G is dedicated to creating and presenting sounds in ways that will inspire fresh creativity.

Since 1988, EASTWEST ( has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality, setting the industry standard as the #1 producer and distributor of sample CDs and virtual (software) instruments. With over 30 years’ experience in the audio industry, founder and producer Doug Rogers has the expertise in music production to understand the creative tools professional musicians need. The recipient of numerous gold and platinum records including Recording Engineer of the Year, and over 50 international awards, Rogers is featured in The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists and Insiders Reveal Their Creative Secrets by David Battino and Kelli Richards.

Quantum Leap is a wholly owned division of EASTWEST. Quantum Leap Virtual Instruments are mostly produced by multiple award-winning producer and composer Nick Phoenix. Some of the larger productions, such as Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs are co-produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix.

In January 2006, EASTWEST purchased the legendary Cello (formally United-Western) Studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, re-naming it EASTWEST Studios. The non-technical areas of the 21,000 sq. ft. facility are currently being redesigned by master designer Philipe Starck. EASTWEST Studios houses six recording studios and is the world headquarters for EASTWEST.