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Zero-G introduces five new titles to its SoundSense Series: Street Beatz, LA Drums for Songwriters, Grime Scene, Old Skool House and Elektrolytic. In the spirit of the series, EASTWEST, exclusive U.S. distributor for Zero-G products, is helping to cost-effectively expand users’ libraries with these new collections that span various musical genres.

Created by top New York producer Shaun Morris, Street Beatz features 1 GB of revolutionary hip hop sounds, providing users with the raw materials needed to make a floor-shaking Hip Hop track. Street Beatz is packed full of construction kits, beats, basses, guitar riffs, percussion loops, drum kits, stabs, orchestral riffs and more—all new and royalty-free. The collection packs an MSRP of $59.95 and is available in Acid™WAV, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus RMX™ and Rex2 formats.

Top LA session player, engineer and programmer, Jeremy Janeczko (JJ), brings users LA Drums for Songwriters, a collection of acoustic drum loops which cover a variety of musical styles. Working and touring with many top stars in various genres including Sheryl Crow, Cypress Hill, The Eagles, Alanis Morissette and Michael Jackson, JJ is able to offer LA Drums for Songwriters users with a vast variety of musical content. The collection features live drum loops, percussion drum loops and electronic drum loops. The collection retails for $59.95 and is available in Acidâ„¢WAV, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus RMXâ„¢ and Rex2 formats.

Developed by one of the UK’s freshest Hip Hop and Grime Producers, Grime Scene features 500 MB of raw beats influenced by Ragga, Grime, Reggae, Dubstep and other musical varieties. Grime Scene contains the essential loops, growling basses, raw beats, and big clash sounds and a generous portion of grimey strings, percussion and atmospheres that will burn up any urban production. Available in Acid™WAV, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus RMX™ and Rex2 formats and retailing for $59.95, Grime Scene can easily fit into any producer’s system requirements and budget.

Zero-G’s top house producers are presenting users with Old Skool House, a collection of old skool house samples from the era that spawned classic house. Old Skool House is packed full of construction kits, beats, basses, pianos, organs, percussion loops, drum kits, stabs, riffs and more. All content offered is 100% original and royalty–free, providing users with a musical edge. Old Skool House carries an MSRP of $59.95 and is available in Acid™WAV, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus RMX™ and Rex2 formats.

The second sample library by Ian Boddy in the Zero-G SoundSense series, Elektroytic, brings this programmer’s imaginative and unusual sound design skills into the realms of beats and loops. Users will find that rhythms found in Elektroytic are not typical rhythms, but rather are beats that have been twisted and mangled using a huge arsenal of cutting-edge digital techniques. These techniques include beat-synced filtering, phasing and flanging as well as lo-fi treatments such as extreme distortion and bit crushing. Further exotic manglings such as spectral analysis, granular resynthesis and textural morphing are also included. The collection’s “drum” loops are available at 100, 120 and 140 BPM and are separated into four categories: Drum, FX, Lo-Fi/Glitch and Percussion. Elektroytic also offers 250 hits and one-shot samples in three separate categories: Ambient One Shots, FX Hits and Percussives. For maximum programming flexibility in users’ compositions, all 250 loops are provided in Rex2 format. The collection is also available in Acidâ„¢WAV, AIFF Apple Loops, Stylus RMXâ„¢ formats. Elektroytic retails for $59.95.

“Users will be able to find exactly what they need to complete any project with the new sample collections from Zero-G SoundSense Series,� says Doug Rogers, president and CEO of EASTWEST. “Each collection retails for under $100 while still offering a huge amount of content, making it easy for SoundSense to fit into any producer’s budget.�

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