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EastWest Launches Composer Cloud

Instant Access to More Than 9,000 EastWest Virtual Instruments

EastWest Sounds in Hollywood, Calif., announces the launch of Composer Cloud, a new cloud-based subscription program featuring the gold editions of the company’s award-winning virtual instrument collections. Composer Cloud is designed to give composers, musicians, producers and songwriters instant access to more than 9,000 virtual instruments for a low monthly cost.

EastWest’s catalog has won more than 70 international awards.

Composer Cloud plans start at $29.99/month, which gives members instant access to seven collections of their choice, plus an additional collection every three months at no extra cost. The $49.99/month plan gives members immediate access to everything in the Composer Cloud: more than 9,000 virtual instruments, totaling one million sounds in all.

“A subscription plan like this is unprecedented in our industry,” says EastWest producer Doug Rogers. “In the past, composers with limited budgets could only purchase a new product periodically. Now, they have access to everything we offer in Composer Cloud at an affordable monthly price, including new products as they are released, and some that will be exclusive to members!”

In the past, the realism and quality of the sounds came at a high price due to large production costs. The majority of EastWest’s customers have historically been professional composers, which is why EastWest’s virtual instruments are prevalent in many music, film, TV, and game productions.

“We’ve seen what’s happening,” says Rogers. “If you can’t afford the best instruments, your composition will never sound as good as those from professional composers, and that’s a frustrating experience. This is why we decided to offer Composer Cloud at a price anyone can afford, and the gold instruments will run on any modern computer. Composer Cloud is a way to level the playing field. Composers can now get the tools the masters use for less than the cost of a latte per day.”

Existing EastWest customers will receive early access at a special introductory price of $29.99/month for the first year for all collections in Composer Cloud, provided that they sign up between April 7 and April 23—a 40-percent discount. Plus, during this period, EastWest customers can invite a friend, who will receive the same deal.

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