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HOLLYWOOD — Leading soundware developer EASTWEST has signed an agreement with Ohm Force to include three of the company’s effects plug-ins Ohmicide:Melohman, QuadFrohmage and OhmBoyz in select PLAY products. With the addition of these effects, users will have even more control over the resulting sound of their productions.

“At EASTWEST we look to give our users the best sounding instruments available as well as a means to adjust the sounds to fit their particular project; the addition of Ohmforce effects is just an extension of that,� says Doug Rogers, founder and producer of EASTWEST. “With our high-quality convolution reverb and effects, including those we just added to PLAY PRO, plus inclusion of user programming and scripting with the included Python programming language, we not only have the most powerful 64-bit/32-bit Sampler in the market, but the highest quality effects, reverb, and user programming tools available.�

“Doug Rogers and his EASTWEST team not only deliver the highest quality virtual instruments available, but they also focus on creating new innovative tools to assist their users in the creative process,â€? says Ohm Force Owner Franck Bacquet. “With the Ohm Force partnership, EASTWEST users of selected PLAY products will have additional, and very ‘unique’ audio processing tools available inside PLAY to customize the instruments. Ohm Force is proud that three of our most popular effects software products, Ohmicide:Melohman, OhmBoyz and QuadFrohmage will be included in some of this next generation of EASTWEST Virtual Instruments to create new and exciting music.â€?

Ohmicide:Melohman offers users a variety of distortions such as the Phase corrected multi-band stereo effect, Band distortion (a collection of modern sounding stereo distortions that can feedback), Band dynamic (alien compressor or expander, synchronized noise gate) and Band stereo (optionally process in mid/side mode for more stereo field tweak-ability). In addition, Ohmicide:Melohman offers midi-controlled preset morphing or randomization as well as optional high-quality rendering (internal oversampling).

QuadFrohmage Filter Bank gives users four channels and eight types of filter at their disposal. Modulation can even be driven by a MIDI keyboard with either velocity or tone. Each band contains a tap delay, a filter and distortion. There are 30 filter modes for each separate filter. QuadFrohmage filter bank also offers low and high pass in two designs, one being auto resonant, the other more transparent.

OhmBoyz offers users the best in delay effects; high pass, low pass, band notch, wah-wah, adjustable bandwidth and resonance from -24dB to +24dB. Other features include four stereo tap delays, two stereo delay lines with feedback, a multi-mode resonant filter, and sustained loop.

For more information on PLAY products with Ohmforce Plug-ins, visit the EASTWEST website, or

About Ohm Force
Since 2001 the French software company Ohm Force, based in Paris, has delivered top notch, creatively stimulating and unique audio effects such as their three best sellers Ohmicide:Melohman, OhmBoyz and QuadFrohmage. The distortion Predatohm, the frequency shifting Hematohm, the Mobilohm phaser and the powersynth Symptohm:Melohman complete their portfolio. Also known by their funky graphic user interfaces, Ohm Force has constructed a rock solid reputation with the international press and their user base: while specializing in powerful and affordable audio tools for any artist or the home studio, Ohm Force is widely used by thousands of professional composers around the world and by such music superstars such as Peter Gabriel, Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Stuart Price, Paul Van Dyk, among many others.

About EASTWESTSince 1988, EASTWEST ( has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality, setting the industry standard as the #1 producer and distributor of sample CDs and virtual (software) instruments. With over 30 years’ experience in the audio industry, founder and producer Doug Rogers has the expertise in music production to understand the creative tools professional musicians need. The recipient of numerous gold and platinum records including Recording Engineer of the Year, and over 50 international awards, Rogers is featured in The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists and Insiders by David Battino and Kelli Richards.