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EAW® Loudspeakers Get Tirana Rocking at the New Mumja Nightclub

Newly-opened nightspot is now the hottest club in the Albanian capital for DJs spinning dance music and bands performing live, all through an EAW® JFL210 Compact Line Array with an EAW LA400 Subwoofer Array

Whitinsville, MA, USA, February 23, 2010 – The opening of the new venue Mumja late last year moved the nightclub scene in Tirana, Albania, up several notches. To cater to the widest audience possible, the club hosts DJs spinning house, groove, electro, progressive, techno, drum’n’bass and more on weekends, while during the week, rock, R&B, Latino and funk bands play live. To get the best possible sound for both configurations, Mumja turned to EAW® loudspeaker technology.

The new sound system, designed and installed by leading Albanian sales and installation company (and EAW’s Albanian distributor) Prosound Shpk, is composed of eight EAW JFL210 Compact Line Array

Modules configured in two arrays of four speakers each, buttressed by four EAW LA400 Bent Horn Subwoofers under the stage. And the DJs can hear themselves loud and very clear thanks to a pair of EAW FR129z Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers used as stage monitors.

The owners of the two-story, 4,000-square-foot nightclub were looking for a very high-energy sound system using speakers placed as fills throughout the club. However, Kliton Gjika, Sales Manager for Prosound Shpk, immediately recommended the EAW JFL210 line array. “The JFL210 has an amazing sound, it’s very easy to rig, and has wide horizontal coverage that can fill the entire club and with vertical coverage to reach all the way to the front of the club and to the balcony, which is 50 feet away,� he explains. “It was the perfect solution.�

Gjika is amused by how visiting DJs and bands are surprised by the quality and coverage of the sound system from a line array in a dance club. “They all ask, how its possible just these few speakers to cover the entire club?� he says. “But when they hear it, they believe it.�

Gjika says he choose the EAW LA400 sub due to its punchy bass and consistent medium throw, perfect for the bass-heavy house music favored by the international DJs and live bands hosted at Mumja. “Sometimes we have to turn down the sub,� he says. “It has 500 watts RMS, and the output is comparable to using double 18-inch subs. That means we don’t have to push the power amplifiers as hard, so the sound stays clear.�

Prosound introduced EAW to the Albanian installed-sound market several years ago, initially with the KF730 Compact Line Array Module as rental items. Demand and inventory have grown since to also include the EAW Avalon Series, a favorite of nightclubs around the world, and EAW’s SMS Surface Mount Series of loudspeakers. “The EAW brand has become well respected in Albania as the leading brand of loudspeakers for clubs, bars and discos,� notes Gjika. “It offers great overall clarity at all frequencies, clear highs, warm midrange and amazing low-frequency response, even at high SPLs. They’re just great speakers.�

About These Products
The JFL210 Compact Line Array Loudspeaker features a range of EAW’s most innovative line array technologies within a mobile, lightweight package. It is an ideal solution for a multitude of small- and medium-sized applications, including portable and installed A/V as well as musician/DJ use. Each two-way, full-range JFL210 utilizes neodymium drivers that provide optimum performance and tireless durability while also reducing weight. Two 10-inch (2.5-inch voice coil) woofers deliver tight, punchy low-frequency performance, while the 3-inch (1.4-inch-exit) compression driver is closely matched with a horn that provides precise directivity. The LA400 Bent Horn Subwoofer uses bass horn technology in loading a powerful 12-inch woofer on an expanding bass horn that is eight feet in length, and provides extremely high output sub bass response in a compact, portable enclosure. The FR129z Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker (12-inch LF) is designed primarily for portable applications but with mounting points for install applications as well.

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