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Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes at Ocean Way

Mixing/Recording Sequel to Smash 2012 “Here” Album

Pictured at the Neve 8068 console in the renowned Studio B at Ocean Way Recording are Alex Ebert, recording engineer Matt Linesch, studio manager Robin Goodchild, and second engineer Scott Moore. Photo by David Goggin.

Acclaimed band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes is finishing up their third studio album at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. On hand for mixing and overdubbing were the group’s founder and imaginative conceptualist Alex Ebert and recording engineer Matt “Linny” Linesch.

“We’re mixing and adding some material to the album we recorded up at our studio in Ojai, CA.,” explained frontman Alex Ebert. “We’re not sure of the title, but we are thinking of calling it ‘Please.’ We originally planned a double album for 2012, but decided to break it up, so this is the second half. The first batch was somewhat subdued and this one is a bit more rambunctious.”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros formed in 2007 after singer Alex Ebert met fellow singer Jade Castrinos outside of a cafe in downtown Los Angeles. In 2009 the 10 member troupe released their debut album “Up From Below,” which featured the universally appealing hit “Home” as well as fans’ favorites “40 Day Dream” and “Janglin.”

Engineer Matt Linesch commented, “For the previous record that we did at our studio in Ojai, we had a Trident 80 console and we recorded digitally. We were able to make that record quite warm and open, but coming down here to Ocean Way and using this Neve 8068 is allowing the tracks to breathe a lot more, and open up even more than we expected.”

Over the past few years Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes have been constantly touring the world while winning over audiences at festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Leeds, Austin City Limits and more. With their follow up 2012 album “Here” featuring “Man On Fire” and “That’s What’s Up” released, the band toured Europe, North America and Australia.

“The first batch of songs that we tracked for this album was at a studio in Bogalusa, LA,” remarked Ebert, who provides vocals, guitar, percussion, and piano. “They had an 8068 console just like this, except it was smaller. It was heaven, and we wanted to get back to this board, basically. We checked this one out and it just feels good here. This board actually allows our music to feel like this is the color it wants to be, as opposed to the color we are trying to force into this instrument. It wasn’t a surprise but it was a pleasant reaffirmation of what we wanted to achieve. Making the album and mixing here has been amazing, just a great feeling.”

Ebert explains the origins and genesis of the band: “I always wanted to be a superhero when I was growing up, so I wrote down this idea of a superhero kid, a boy who had defects but was still a superhero. It started out as a novel about Edward Sharpe, before I started the band. Then I realized it was a great name and around the same time I was working on a system of random mathematics that I called magnetic zeroes. I put the two together.

“When people ask if I am Edward Sharpe, the character I play onstage, it’s really more oblique. Onstage I just want to be myself, as truthful as possible, the best way to roll. As far as playing a character, I am Edward Sharpe, but the whole band is Edward Sharpe. We are all that person.”

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