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Image of Eisley’s Sherri DuPree-Bemis performing with an Earthworks SR Series prototype microphone. Photo credit: Joshua Ulrich.

Tyler, TX – October 2010… From humble beginnings after band member Stacy DuPree wrote their first song at age eight in her bedroom, melodic rockers Eisley have developed into a musical tour de force. Consisting of siblings Stacy DuPree (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Sherri DuPree-Bemis (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chauntelle DuPree-Dagostino (lead guitar, vocals), Weston DuPree (drums), and cousin Garron DuPree (bass), the band has released records on the Reprise/Warner Bros. label, has toured with Coldplay, and has made appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien as part of its extensive track record of success. Eisley is currently on their Over the River and Through the Wood Tour—with special guests Ives the Band and Christie DuPree—and Earthworks microphone are on stage, helping the band deliver its unique sound.

For their current tour, Eisley is using Earthwork’s SR30/HC hypercardioid microphones for Stacy and Chauntelle’s vocals, as well as an SR30 cardioid microphone for overhead use on the drums. Both the SR30/HC and SR30 microphones are drawn from Earthwork’s Sound Reinforcement Series catalog. The SR Series is well known for their transparent sound quality, near-perfect polar response, and high rejection of sounds at the rear of the microphone, resulting in less leakage and more gain before feedback. Additionally, Sherri DuPree is one of the first performers to experience a new Earthworks prototype vocal microphone that will soon be expanding the company’s highly acclaimed SR Series product line.

Mark Schwartzkopf serves as Eisley’s sound engineer and was responsible for selecting the Earthworks microphones. When asked what Earthworks attributes appeal to him, Schwartzkopf offered the following. “On the sorts of smaller stages that we play,â€? Schwartzkopf explained, “pattern control and off-axis coloration are extremely important for vocal mics. There just aren’t any other mics out there that come close to Earthworks in that regard. Cymbal leakage into the vocal mics actually sounds like real cymbals. Also, Eisley’s music is very vocal-centric, and the amazing accuracy of the SR Series mics really takes the vocals to the next level. More so than any other instrument, everyone knows how a human voice sounds in real life, and when you can actually deliver that sound in a concert, it makes a tremendous difference “

Eisley is beta testing a new, soon-to-be-released Earthworks microphone and Schwartzkopf is extremely taken with its performance. “We frequently struggled to get Sherri’s vocal to sound as good through a PA as it does in the studio,â€? he continued. “For me, the solution seemed to be a mic that would reproduce her vocal as accurately as possible, and we started with an Earthworks SR20, which was an enormous improvement over anything we had tried previously. Now, with the forthcoming new SR vocal mic, her vocal quality is even more accurate.â€?

For any touring act, responsive customer/technical support services are critical. Here, too, Earthworks gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. “We’ve had a close relationship with Earthworks for quite some time now,� reports Boyd DuPree, Eisley’s manager. “When we’ve had questions, there’s always been someone knowledgeable to speak with, which is very reassuring. The entire Earthworks team has been extremely responsive.�

With solid performance and great support for their products, Schwartzkopf echoed DuPree’s upbeat assessment of Earthworks, “Earthworks microphones are an extremely important part of our equipment arsenal. In the end, it’s all about sound quality, and that’s where Earthworks microphones excel. This is the sixth tour where we’ve used Earthworks mics on vocals, and I would never want to go back.�

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