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Electro-Voice rocks Band Camp in Wisconsin

For another year, JJO Band Camp, an event hosted by Madison, Wisconsin-based rock station WJJO, was another huge success. With a lineup comprising Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static X, Red, Dope, Lacuna Coil, Hurt, and many others, the show needed a PA that could meet the demands of each performer and keep its 10,000 spectators rocking. Intellasound (Verona, Wisc.) provided sound reinforcement for the event with state-of-the-art XLC sound system from Electro-Voice.

Intellasound has used high-performance XLC127DVX systems at the Band Camp main stage for three years. This year the company partnered with Knox Array Event Production (Champaign, Ill.) to add an XLC system to the event’s second stage. Tim Woodworth of Intellasound explains:

“We‘ve been providing a main-stage system with 32 XLC127DVX boxes and 24 Xsubs, powered by TG7 amps with RCM-26 modules and controlled by

IRIS-Net, for a




stellar results, so we wanted to try and make both stages EV this year. With most of our rig deployed on the main stage, we needed some assistance. We wanted to stay with the exact system that was on the main stage, just at a slightly smaller scale.�

“We also use EV’s FIR-Drive FIR filter technology on the system,� adds Woodworth. “That was another important factor we needed to consider for the second stage. The difference in sound quality using FIR filters compared to 24dB/oct filters is night and day, and we felt that it was important to have that as part of the package.�

All this meant Intellasound needed to find a company that had not only an XLC127DVX and Xsub combination with FIR-Drive, but also TG7 amps with RCM-26 modules and IRIS-Net. To achieve their goal of an all-EV event, Intellasound turned to Knox Array Event Production.

“It was great to have two EV companies come together to make an event even better than in years past,� says Woodworth. “Having Knox Array come in with the exact system that we had made the day go that much easier, and sound that much better.�

Main Stage Equipment List

32x XLC127DVX

24x Xsub

28x TG7 amps

28x RCM-26 modules

IRIS-Net control with FIR-Drive

Second Stage Equipment List

16x XLC127DVX

12x Xsub

16x TG7 amps

2x TG5 amps

18x RCM-26 modules

IRIS-Net control with FIR-Drive