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Electro-Voice sound rocks 80,000 in Bogota, Colombia

People Sound of Bogota, Colombia recently deployed their new Electro-Voice X-Line sound system for the huge “Nuestra Tierra de La Mega� concert in Bogota, hosted by radio station La Mega in the city’s Simon Bolivar Park and attended by over 80,000 people.

Dozens of rock acts performed over the course of the day, putting the mighty X-Line through its paces in the 300-meter deep venue. Whereas main arrays of 20 boxes per side are the norm for concert events in Simon Bolivar Park, X-Line impressed by providing more output—115dBA at front-of-house—with considerably less boxes: People Sound flew main arrays of just 12 X-Line (10x Xvls & 2x Xvlt) per side. The FOH system was managed via a NetMax N8000 matrix controller and powered via Dynacord PowerH 2500 remote-control amplifiers, all running IRIS-Net software.

Though suitably loud, the sound was exceptionally clean, thanks to the FIR-Drive presets in the RCM-26 modules loaded into the PowerH amps powering the FOH system. Three delay towers with XLC-127DVX arrays covered the crowd deep into the park; 20 Xsubs per side at FOH were ample to provide low-end punch all the way to the back of the venue.

Equipment list (selected):

FOH system management via NetMax N8000
20x X-Line Xvls (10 per side)
4x X-Line Xlvt (two per side)
40x X-Line Xsub (20 per side)
Powered by Dynacord PowerH 2500 amplifiers (loaded with RCM-26 DSP modules & FIR-Drive presets, run via IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)

8x Xi-1153A
Powered by P3000RL amplifiers (running IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)

Delay towers:
24x XLC-127DVX (12 per side)
Powered by 12x P3000RL amplifiers (running IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)
Processed via NetMax N8000

20x Plasma

Stage side-fills:
8x XLC-127DVX
6x P3000RL


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