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Electro-Voice X-line for Vicente Fernandez tour in Colombia

Mexican folk singer Vicente Fernández, known in Latin America as “El Idolo de Mexico” (The Idol of Mexico), or simply as “El Reyâ€? (The King), has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide during his 35 years as an international superstar. Fernández recently embarked on a 2009 Colombian tour with stops in Bogota, Medellin, and Ibague, and chose sound equipment from Electro-Voice for his shows. The entire system was provided by Colombia-based People Sound.

The system on Fernández’s Colombian tour comprised an extensive array of X-Line loudspeakers, XLC-127DVX Delays, PLASMA stage wedges, Xi front fills, and P3000–H2500 amplifiers. The rig was controlled through EV’s brand-new, state-of-the-art IRIS-Net V2.0 with FIR presets. The high-profile tour brought with it the very best audio professionals in Latin America, and each one was blown away by the new X-Line presets in IRIS-Net 2.0. Samuel Puentes, owner of People Sound, comments:

“We were absolutely impressed by the new FIR presets for X-Line. With this new preset, we have all we could ever want from an already great EV system. There are PA systems out there that have pristine audio quality, and others that deliver high SPL, but until now nothing could do both. EV definitely achieves this with FIR-Drive. We are very happy with the result, and the very experienced crew that we worked with on this tour was really happy as well.� The IRIS-Net file for the tour was programmed and tuned by Diego Torres, System Tech at People Sound, who was also very impressed with the quality of the equipment from EV.

Colombia’s geography also posed unusual challenges to Fernández and People Sound. At 8,000 feet, Bogota experiences relatively low temperatures, but Ibague rests much closer to sea level, and is extremely hot and humid. To cope with the extreme changes in climate as well as the unforgiving Colombian terrain, Fernández needed his system to be controllable, coherent, and tough – delivering tight audio and solid coverage on varied situations. Nicolas Betancur, Inside Sales Engineer for Latin America, Bosch Communications Systems, comments:

“Vicente Fernández’s Colombian Tour presented some imposing challenges in terms of both performance and travel, and our Electro-Voice equipment conquered each obstacle. We at the Latin America Team with Bosch Communications are tremendously proud of EV’s performance, especially on a tour as important as this. An artist of the magnitude and cultural importance of Vicente Fernández, together with an experienced audio crew, expect only the best at every show they go to. Each show is full-house, each show is a responsibility. EV delivered.�

Equipment List
24x Xvls
16x Xsub
6x Xi-1183 (front-fill)
26x Plasma P1 (monitors, fills, etc.)
18x XLC127DVX as (fills or delays)
12x Xsub (delays/fills)
Dynacord PowerH 2500 amplifiers (X-Line PA, using FIR presets for X-line and IRIS-Net 2.0.)
Electro-Voice P3000 amplifiers (powering XLC system)


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